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Hi. I'm a 21 year old female who just graduated from college. You can call me Bunneko, Bunn, Bun, or anything similar. I am from Texas, the best state. ;D I am passionate about music, movies, anime, travel, environmental conservation, and science. If you want to get to know me better, leave a comment below. I'll chat with you about anything and nothing.

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TiramisuTea Report | 05/26/2017 8:49 am
omg, that sounds freaking amazing. If you say the men are handsome + good food + relaxed life, I'm all for it lol!
Just curious did anybody mistreat you or abuse the fact that you're a tourist and charge you more money etc etc?
Also, never thought that mexico would be touristy and diarrhea sounds awful D:

It's okay, you'll be making more money than I will once you graduate ;D
TiramisuTea Report | 05/25/2017 12:35 am
Actually it's because I've lost interest as well and the engineering courses are alright so far!
You've graduated right? What we're you studying?

Also the volcano hike must've been so fun * u *, hope you have tons of pictures so that you can look back to this time. do you feel like you've gotten wiser since you've been traveling?
I'll be sure to keep your suggestion in mind, I like hot guys emotion_kirakira
Also was Mexico really the most boring out of all of them?? And do you get around okay without knowing the language?
It must've been such a fun experience * O*
dark pillow Report | 05/24/2017 1:52 pm
Exactly. razz

It's going good! Now I am learning animation, and it's very interesting. >u< I really suck at 3D stuff though, it's super hard, but what can you do? xD
TeIevision Report | 05/24/2017 10:37 am
Thank you!
My dad used to say "Time management is key. "
so I think I'll be ok for a bit xD

I'm not one of those party-goers
I don't smoke weed either so :p
I think i'll be ok on that part xD

Thank you so much! c'8
TiramisuTea Report | 05/24/2017 9:04 am
Oooo where did you travel and was it fun? Did everything go smoothly?
Schools okay, just started college last year and I draw every once in a blue moon
Do you still draw?
TeIevision Report | 05/24/2017 8:55 am
that and just maybe falling behind in work cry
im always nervous bout' dat

Do you have any tips?
dark pillow Report | 05/24/2017 8:51 am
Thanks! I got a custom layout made so I can just put my own images in! biggrin It's pretty neat. ^^
TeIevision Report | 05/24/2017 8:51 am
omg!! ~ Im starting college this fall xD
im nervous
TiramisuTea Report | 05/24/2017 8:45 am
Everything's good, how are youuuuuuuuuu heart
NETGEAR Report | 05/03/2017 5:11 am
Same haha. How have your students been treating you? It's scary how old we have gotten razz . Same old, mostly work, you?