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Hi! I'm 19. My life currently revolves around the MCAT. I like anime, classic films, classic novels, music of all genres, ethnic foods, tidiness, and cats.

This was my old profile shop:

This was my old joint art shop:

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Art of my old avi's:

There's so much more. I just can't post them all here. I went through a crazy phase when I kept requesting avi art nonestop. xD Thank you to everyone who drew me something! I love every piece.


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NETGEAR Report | 07/01/2015 2:55 am
Who knows? Take steroids and it'll be a lot faster. razz
Nope, you gotta find a rich one, because even if you both don't do those stuff, hire someone who will.
High-five, me and my partner both work in the medical field, he works in the hospital while I have my own business, if you can't find a job there, come to Australia and I'll employ you as one of my pharmacists lol jk. I'm sure you'll find a job, although I wouldn't like to work in a hospital or a doctor's clinic, because of all the germs, but it's up to you. razz But if you really want to become a doctor, then good luck, there's already too much medical students (doctors) that can't find jobs.
That's cause I'm not American lol, but yeah every country there's hard working ones and lazy ones. Thanks biggrin
dark pillow Report | 06/30/2015 7:39 pm
Nah, I think it just makes the world more interesting. =u= But of course, if we lived in a horror movie world it would be boring, since everything would be the same all the time. I like that all kinds of things seem possible. >u> Though when it comes to horror movies I've seen a few, and even though I might be able to appreciate the story or the looks of the movie I have only ever been truly horrified twice from things I've seen. One was the goosebumps when I was very little and they had a bed full of worms. I had nightmares for weeks! And I didn't even see the episode, I just happened to see that one picture. And then there was one movie which I don't know which one it was since yet again I was just passing by and happened to see a sight that would haunt me for years to come. I think it was a sci fi sorta movie or something, and there were leeches with sharp teeth that were put on a man's stomach and he was bound so he couldn't move them away and they ate his stomach. D: It was horrible. But other than those two I've seen countless of horror movies, but even though I was disgusted from time to time or startled (damn jump scares) I wasn't scared. o3o

Hahaha, yup, you never know! xD

Oh! Yeah, I've played cards against humanity! It's pretty fun, but the pressure of choosing the best answer! D: Also, I laugh at different things from most people, so even though I get why other's think it's funny I might not always think the same. =u=; Anyways, when I played it we played it so that the funniest cards would win, not the most offensive. o3o

Heh... Yup, that is pretty offensive.

Psh, you live in the US. I have tasted US sweets and they all taste fake and fatty and far too sweet. o3o; No offense. I suspect the cakes might be the same. xD I tastes the cakes in Thailand too when I was there, not really that good... But the normal food? Omg, to die for. I know Norway is far from the best at cakes, but we tend to not like our sweets too sweet. xD Maybe you'd like the cakes here better? Or at least the chocolate, because I know the chocolate here is better. =u=
Btw, my dad doesn't like cake either! It's so weird. o.o But I can understand. I guess how I feel after eating half a cake and ready to puke my guts out (and expecting pure sugar to come out) is how people who don't like cake feel from the start. =u=
dark pillow Report | 06/30/2015 3:30 pm
Well, now I've read about it and I am still not entirely sure about the difference between a humanist and a secular humanist. o3o; But I did know what a humanist was already. :3 And it does, I feel like saying you are an atheist makes it seem like you are kinda apathetic to everything. :/ I mean, if you are among other atheists it's fine, but other religious people seem to look badly at atheists.

Though both history and the horror movies is based on something real. >u>

Should I also reply in the PM then? o3o; Since profile comments are after all public. xD Don't wanna risk getting banned for bad language just because we're having a discussion... =.=;

Omg, I agree so much. Parties are just boring, and especially if the music is so loud you can't even talk! It's fun maybe for 10 minutes but then it's boring. Games make everything better! biggrin Games are always fun. And yeah, having a movie night with a group of friends (or just one) is alot more fun! And cheaper! xD

At kid parties stuff actually happens, but then again I feel kind of out of place... I would actually prefer a kid party for grown ups, like the games could be more complicated or mature, but you could still do all those childish things. And eat cake. Lot's of cake. You have no idea, whenever I come to a party it's probably because I heard something about cake. I am one of those people who come for the food and leave when I am done eating. xD But I guess that didn't come as a surprise, after all I love food, and especially cake! I could really go for some brownies with nuts right now. Maybe I will make some tomorrow if we have the ingredients.

NETGEAR Report | 06/30/2015 1:30 am
Yeah because stress...etc makes your life shorter/I only joined so that I can learn to build my own stuff/if I see it I can most likely build it, plus I don't take orders very well, so it's either be my own boss or become jobless lol.
That's good, I'm sure you don't want to bulk like a guy, unless you want to become a female body builder or something. What type of jobs are you aiming for?
I'll show you my fish pond first because I worked harder on that.
I had to get rid of my old fish pond, throw junk in it so that cement doesn't cost me a fortune, completely flatten it. And flatten it further with cement.
Then aviary gets halved (didn't show pics for that - because I was too tired to take pics) so that my new fish pond will go in next my aviary (on left side).
Dig hole, pour sand.
Flatten sand.
Put tiles and add water.
Add more water.
Add in fish and seaweeds/fish all swam to the bottom.
That's what happens when you make friends with old people, jk, but thanks. razz

dark pillow Report | 06/29/2015 4:05 pm
Well, then maybe the next time someone asks you'll know what to say. :3 It is practically atheist, but trying to do good for humans and such. =u= I don't think humanists are unpopular though, everyone knows a humanist is someone who does good things for other people. o3o Even if they don't believe in any god or such. The one I got, unitarian universalism, basically says "diverse beliefs" for almost every single point. xD But I do feel like it it quite right for me anyways. I sometimes tell people about my beliefs because they are not written in any books and such and usually they haven't heard about my beliefs before so it might be an interesting conversation. I mostly just do it if it's a person I know isn't already strongly religious because then they have a tendency to argue instead of discuss and that is no fun. o3o;

Haven't really seen that many horror movies exactly, mostly my view on Catholics come from histroy lessons. =u= Though I'm sure it's not as extreme or controlling as in medieval times. >3>;

Yup, that is exactly it. Islam is like two opposites within one religion. I don't know how they can accept each other if they are such opposites. If I were following a religion and others in my religion gave it a bad name and did things that were opposite to what I had been taught claiming it was in the name of my religion I think I would get angry with them. o3o;

Aaahhh! I feel exactly the same way as you! It's like, I'd totally date some girls and even kiss and stuff, but I think I can't imagine being any more intimate than that. o.o And honestly I have no idea what this means, it's super confusing. It's like, what do I even want? But luckily we are girls, and girls can get away with being quite intimate with each other without anyone questioning them or thinking they are not just friends. =u= So there is a loophole, and the matter doesn't even have to be discussed between you! biggrin If we were guys it wouldn't be as easy, I feel like it takes alot less for them to be accused of being gay. xD I mean, some can hardly hug each other without feeling awkward... =.=;

Hahaha, that shirt though. xD Yup, we introverts do prefer staying at home don't we? xD I have gone to parties waaaaay too many times to give it a shot and see if I could have fun, but it's seriously so boring I could die. =.=; At least when there's nothing specific happening, like if people are just getting drunk and dancing and having way too loud music. If there are games or something it can be fun though. >u> I actually like going to kids parties more than grown ups. xD
dark pillow Report | 06/29/2015 10:20 am
I know I am not entirely atheist, but it's the closest to my beliefs so when people ask I just say I am an atheist. xD I didn't know there were different types either. o.o In school we learned mostly about Christianity and moral and ethics. We had like, smaller projects and periods about the other main religions like hinduism and buddhism and also islam of course. Taking a quiz is a good idea! biggrin I'm gonna do it too. >u>

... Okay, so I took this quiz, and I got "Unitarian Universalism" o.o I didn't even know something like that existed! But after reading the description about it makes sense... It's very open, accepting alot of different beliefs. But oh well, it fits better than atheism, so next time someone asks maybe I'll say I'm an unitarian universalist. Sounds very fancy at least. xD

I don't know what philanthropy means, but I see what you're saying and I agree. ^^ Religion that simply encourages people to be more kind and loving towards each other is always a good thing, but as you said, when religion does the opposite it's bad. D: And radical Islam is pretty insane. I think it's weird that there are some who are that radical while others are just like normal people, but they still have the same religion. o.o That happens with christianity too though, but I feel like the protestants are more liberal and easygoing with their religion than the catholic. Norway is a protestant christian country, and I am glad for that since if we had a more strict religion I would probably not have gotten to think for myself and find out what I believe myself.

Hmm... I suppose, but it's hard to know if you just wanna be someone friend while also thinking they are sexy and pretty. Oh well, either way I'll think I am hetero until otherwise is proved. =u=

Yeah, I tend to not notice how full I am so I keep eating, and then a little afterwards I notice and I sick because I ate too much... =u=; Really, I feel so proud when I have managed to eat the perfect amount! I hardly ever do though if it's something delicious. o3o;

Indeed, I just need a little bit of attention now and then, and I'll be happy. =u= But because I don't really feel like seeing people that often it's kinda hard to keep in touch with friends... And yeah, I am also good at the first contact kind of thing, like getting to know the person and usually they tend to like me but that's just because I am so ******** polite and kind to people I don't know well. If I am to get to know someone well I kinda have to get past the politeness point. o3o; I have even noticed that I take a while before I use someone's name, but using people's names is a good way to become friends faster. >3>
NETGEAR Report | 06/29/2015 5:46 am
I know, but it can't be helped, since I have a concussion and I'm not suppose to look at screens/big laptop screens..etc.
I'm an ex-tradesman so I build my own stuff, but you shouldn't care about it nails and screws, unless you want to do manual labor, which I don't think you would want to, study hard and stick to easy office desk jobs. biggrin Probably get more money that way not to mention you'll live longer too.
Would you like to see pictures of it?
If you don't mind, can I add you? Because most of my friends are probably dead confused
TiramisuTea Report | 06/28/2015 11:06 pm
ohhh. ewwww. D:
that's disgusting.
I'm sure you're a very clean person C:
Atleast they'll have a very clean apartment from now on
TiramisuTea Report | 06/28/2015 9:56 pm
ewww. I hate having to clean that out too D8
dark pillow Report | 06/28/2015 7:31 pm
Yeah, religion is personal, so it should be at least a little private. Like you don't go around telling random people how you feel, or your opinions. o3o; Hahah, I'll think of that next time. xD People seem to have a hard time believing atheists are actually a thing, and if they do they seem to think we are missing out on life or something. Well, I'm not exactly atheist, but pretty close to it.

Hmmm... Well, as long as it's not too much I don't mind. Like a kiss is totally fine of course.

Hahaha, yeah, it is funny. >u> But it's not like they pretend to be gay like, one time where everyone knows they are pretending, it's more like they are lying about it. o3o; I am not sure how I feel about it either, but I can understand it. If you're with a very pro-gay crowd then it is tempting to pretend so they will like you more. xD

Well, being attracted to someone and having a crush on them isn't the same? =u=; I don't really know much about Angelina or Brad, how could I have a crush on any of them? I simply know that they are famous people and how they look, but looks aren't enough for me to have a crush on someone. xD Though sure, I have found myself attracted to other girls, but never had a crush. But I am not really sure... How do you know you are attracted to someone and don't just find them super pretty and sexy? >o>

Yeah, I decided to make the freebie thread now. :3 Got so many requests already. xD Well, it is to be expected, not like I haven't had a freebie thread before. I knew this would happen. And I did indeed put the art in my siggy! >u<

Hmm... Never had any fish before, but yeah... They don't really do much do they? xD I feel like having fish is almost like having a decoration or something. o.o Since you can't really interact with them very much, you can feed them, and maybe pet them but they are scared aren't they? Though they are very pretty to look at. =u=

Oh, yeh, the quiet after it has snowed, or while it is snowing. =u= It feels so serene.

Really? Hmm... I guess in some cases there are guys who eat more than me, but usually it's about the same. o.o But then again, I do eat alot. >3>; But it's only because I love food! If the food isn't good I eat little, or I guess... Normally?

Hahaha! Same here, watching movies together is a must. :3

I agree, like if I stay over at a friend's house I get a little tired if it's more than two days. If it's a friend I don't know that well it takes even less time though, or if I am with more than one person. o.o I need my alone time. But even so I also get lonely if left alone for too long. When I lived in the capital to go to school there I didn't have any friends because poor friend-making skills, and I don't go out and drink so it's hard to meet anyone other than school. But in school everyone was very busy and even though I got along with my classmates they had completely different interests than me. So there were weeks where I didn't speak to anyone, it even went as far that my own name sounded weird when I heard someone finally say it.

Hmm... I think some blondes might get offended, but if it's between friends it's just for fun. Likewise with the gingers have no souls thing, it is sometimes used as offensive, but between friends it's just for fun. And I have no idea where that stereotype started either. xD I feel like I have heard about it before, but I seem to have forgotten. :I