I Love All Of You!!!!!

Name: Rin Elizabeth Vanhelsing
Spieces:Were gurl/demon
Purpose: To kill you

Name:Dalilah Stone
Speices: Were gurl
Purpose: To hunt you

Name: The Dark Godess
Spieces: unknown
Purpose: To haunt you

Name: The Dark Gurl
Spieces: Witch
Purpose: to sell your soul

Name: The Mistress
Spieces: Vampire
Purpose: To taste you

These are my children...beware....im not always here to watch them


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Xx_Rin Elizabeth Vanhelsing_xX

read if you dare.....because im watching u...*looks into ur eyes*

boo see you read it im new to this on this account so give me time to write



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Last 24thsurviver

Hello! been awhile
Nanaki your loveless love

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Nanaki your loveless love

hey if you get this i need help getting a hold of roy!

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Happy b- day biggrin
Last 24thsurviver

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Last 24thsurviver

some plants

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some plants

heyy! we havent talked in a loooong time! so whats up? =]

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Try this out! Send this to atleast ten people and then press F5 youll get 10,000 gold
some plants

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some plants

always! =]

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oh srry
some plants

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some plants

OK so in my opinion your pics are really cool and dont listen to others when they say things like "ur a freak" and stuff like that. You're not a freak and I have no clue what my friend was thinking when she said that. You're not a freak! You're pretty cool!
some plants

Report | 03/22/2009 9:50 am

some plants

ok yeah. maybe she's being a butt. i'll tell her. she gets angry sometimes over small things. so let's please stop fighting?


Bad Girl!!!