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I have a large list, and need to see who is on Gaia and who is not.

PM if you are interested in being added, but note that I am not a good conversationalist.


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DarknessLoved1 Report | 02/21/2015 1:01 pm
Thank You So Much for taking your time to reply to me, you have been very helpful <3
DarknessLoved1 Report | 02/20/2015 9:34 pm
I seen you on the Gaiapedia and thought you would be perfect to ask a question to since you were the only name listed for recently updating it....
Is there a way to exchange for a Rubyback Lion in the fish exchange?
I didnt see anything about the Ruby or its items in the Gaiapedia...
I am trying my hardest to complete a Fallen Quest Inzio. <3
KJ_Jounouchi Report | 01/25/2015 6:17 pm
check trade soon - i'm giving random stuff away
Mykaeru Report | 01/18/2015 9:15 pm
Oh dang ! I forgot to click on Anonymous. ; o ;
You are welcome !
buncy Report | 12/13/2014 7:43 pm
Hi! thank you for the Android Damage Prosthetics heart
lilloulou Report | 12/13/2014 12:33 pm
Oh right... there's no way to only get chance items this way. You need to know which CI you want to see.

Anyway, already left him a note to know if my way of thinking would work or if another field would be requiered since what I had thought of using is actually for price purposes (kinda forgot about it).
lilloulou Report | 12/13/2014 12:06 pm
Hmm.... actually, each item is grouped in a location and each location have a type (which is kinda mostly unused atm). So, technically, he could use those to have items being filtered. He would just have to code it. It really have nothing to do with how many items are added everyday smile

He recently re-coded some chunks of the site to clean it; it's at that moment he removed the filtering. He could probably add them back if asked -- when he would have a moment since he's pretty busy recently sweatdrop and not with items since it's helpers which are doing them and I add them as they are ready

Having which kind of category one wants to see defined from the start would help thought smile Since it does needs some planification.
lilloulou Report | 12/13/2014 11:54 am
In case you meant as in stuff which needs to be added, yeah... list is pretty long and updated up to 2 or 3 days ago atm.
lilloulou Report | 12/13/2014 11:48 am
They are still there. You need to choose a "location" in the drop down on the items page.

There's too many bundles with exclusives items, so they are mostly being linked to "cash shop bundle exclusives" now. The item description should be edited with the name of the bundle in question at the bottoms.

I can rename some categories if needed, but pages which would show items is something Tekton would do himself; so he's the one which would need to be contacted about it.

That said, there's a few CIs which we need to gather the MP IDs of it's items to add them to the list; we don't have someone doing only that, so it's some people helping with images which gather them; so it's done a little here and there when we have a moment (and actually... at the end, it's Tekton which add them using the list with a script which is faster than adding everything to the db one item at a time).
lilloulou Report | 09/26/2014 1:01 am
Okay. Well, like I said, there's no issue.
Those lower prices -- storewise, not what ppl where selling them on MP, were directly stored on Tektek in a way they don't change -- unless manually edited.
It's those values I asked Tekton for the file I sent you.
In short: they should be fine 3nodding

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