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Location: Twilight Town, In the mansion

Occupation: Fallen Angel


To whoever read this,

Heya there!

I'm Bumblebee or Dm, either way you can call me those,

I'm a nerd who recently got into Toku stuffs and things

I also do like to roleplay around!

I'm a gamer. c:
Plays Nintendo 3Ds, hmu if you have mario kart 7!

That's all it is there!

(I will not tell my gender as it doesn't exist on here. don't be deceived by my avatar's appearances.)

The friend requests is off so get started talking to me for a while, and who knows, i may friend request you.

Gifts is very welcome if you feel like it.


I'll take your unwanted underwears/bugs/trash/inks

Donations will be greatly accepted.

i like to do roleplays now and then


I usually tip you so you'll eventually send me a thank-you message which we converse then after this, it could be fun~
or either i tip because i really don't know what to say.


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F.A.Q. (Frequently Answered Question)

Q: Your profile says you do roleplays, which sorts do you do?
A: Fantasy, action, adventure, that kind of thing. It could be mystery or drama.


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Yuko KukakuBANNED

Great roleplayer, very kind and motherly figure~ shoot her a pm!

Update for this profile will be coming soon in 2017!