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Location: Twilight Town, In the mansion

Occupation: Fallen Angel


To whoever read this,

Heya there!

I'm Bumblebee or Dm, either way you can call me those,

I'm a nerd who recently got into Toku stuffs and things

I also do roleplays!

That's all it is there!

(I will not tell my gender as it doesn't exist on here. don't be deceived by my avatar's appearances.)

Update: it's apparent that I have clearly forgotten to mention this-
No random friend requests, at least without a good perfectly reason why you want to befriend me. Random friend requests will be automatically declined, immediately.


I'll take your unwanted underwears/bugs/trash/inks

Donations will be greatly accepted.

i like to do roleplays now and then


I usually tip you so you'll eventually send me a thank-you message which we converse then after this, it could be fun~
or either i tip because i really don't know what to say.


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F.A.Q. (Frequently Answered Question)

Q: Your profile says you do roleplays, which sorts do you do?
A: Fantasy, action, adventure, that kind of thing. It could be mystery or drama.


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Yuko KukakuBANNED

Great roleplayer, very kind and motherly figure~ shoot her a pm!