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Aya und Wolf Report | 07/21/2014 12:13 pm
Aya und Wolf

            Oh, now that I have two days off I'm going to finish boup's pixel,
            then I'll do your friend. Ask her if she still wants the same avi, and apologize to her for me.
            Also, I'd love to do another one for you in the future.
            I have to say, despite the difficulty of detail, she was fun.
Aya und Wolf Report | 07/20/2014 12:08 pm
Aya und Wolf

            You know what I've noticed? Sometimes when I start stacking
            ******** of items, adding one more will change the layering, then adding another will change it back,
            so on and so forth. It especially happens with face items when I'm layering arms.

            SO HOW ARE YOU DOING?
            Have you had the surgery yet?
Aya und Wolf Report | 07/16/2014 7:45 am
Aya und Wolf

            I really don't like her, but I wanted to use those tails.
            Man, I wish I could give you my full invo so you could make me an avi. ♥
            How many green inks do you need now?
Lapsis Stella Report | 07/15/2014 8:38 pm
Lapsis Stella
Mine? What about YOURS? Holy heck girlfriend!
andrew__hdz Report | 07/15/2014 7:40 pm
HatsuHikari Report | 07/15/2014 7:14 pm
I can't wait to see it completed emotion_kirakira

HatsuHikari Report | 07/15/2014 7:04 pm
Hahaha and just a bit more tweaking here... and there... and here... //goes on forever
These eyes look cute tho!
HatsuHikari Report | 07/15/2014 7:02 pm
DID YA FINISH?! emotion_awesome

Aya und Wolf Report | 07/15/2014 6:41 pm
Aya und Wolf

            yes ma'am
            I was just watching petshop or horrors and one of the episodes is about a beautiful mermaid
            ahh, I love your avi ♥
HatsuHikari Report | 07/15/2014 6:29 pm
This avi looks lovely so far! Hopefully you can finish it soon emotion_yatta


I like cats and tumblr.
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My turn ons (NON-sexually(only tell friends the sexually one o.o)) for guys are tall, green or blue eyes, brown hair, smart(duh), funny, stubborn, a little cocky, and sweet at random times. For friends they are funny, intelligent, usually think the same way I do, can take my randomness, straight forward, doesn't take drama, will come to me for almost anything, I can come to for most anything. cat_smilies/icon_nodding.gif

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