Welcome to my profile!
I'm known as Ru or Angel and I don't give my real name out anymore, sorry.
I live in the land of tea and crumpets, also known as England. ★
I love the pastel rainbow, blackout, and the bubblegum colorschemes. ^^ ♥
I'm sometimes shy but friendly and I love animals, even bugs! 0u0
★Birds are the best, send me bird gifs!~♥

I don't come online as much as before due to real life issues but when I am here I like to play with my profile and avatar making them pretty!
★Hover for scrollbar.★

List of loves:
♥I love pastel goth fashion and fairy kei stuff.♥
I like to watch cartoons and I'm currently obsessed with Steven Universe.
♥I also love my little pony which I've watched since I was a child♥
Disney movies!! My favourite princess is Ariel. ★
I love retro games and also like to play PS1 games a lot.♥
♥ I love cutesy stuff, plushies, crystals, stickers, and sweets.
I eat too many sweets. 0 x0;
I love music, send me some~♥ I even love metal, so don't be shy.~♪
★I like to bake and one of my goals is to make a pretty rainbow cake.

List of nopes:
Please don't send me creepy messages they will be reported.
I don't like drama so anyone who makes drama with me or my friends gets blocked with no other retaliation.
★Please don't copy my avatar or profile, I don't take it as flattery.
I'm not looking for a relationship so please don't flirt with me.
★I'll add more when I think of them.★

Gaia stuffs:
♥My username is Budgerigars because I love birdies♥
Originally joined in 2008 on the 26th February.♥
★Level 10 alchemist~★
♥Crafted Devil's wings and Michael's wings!~♥
Level 10.0 on zOMG! Wanting a sweetheart ring. 0 u0
♥Achievement collector! I want all the cute titles♥
★I make my own profiles but don't want to open a shop.★

★Well that's all I have to say right now. If you read all the way to the end then you deserve a cookie! Love love love~♥