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About The Little Bat Princess

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Baby Girl| DDlg| Princess| Submissive| Owned & Collared| Nerd| Witch| Cute| Chubby| Mermaid| Unicorn

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Occupation: Young Mistress of the Little Hallows Eve Castle and current owner of the Natural Museum of Nocturnal Life.

Age: 19. Vampire for 119 years. So... 139. Looking good for her age!

Relationship Status: Single.

Appearance: She dresses extravagantly, in lovely textured fabrics from Paris, and Rome in crushed velvet, satin, and china silk. Dresses consume her wardrobe, in shade of black, grey, and white.
Her long black hair held loosely atop her head by pins, and a single white rose tucked delicately above her ear is common.
Her lips are painted a matte black stain with a hint of sheer glitter over top. Her top lip thin while her bottom forever plump from all the years of biting it.
Bright red are her eyes, with a history of them being hidden behind violet contacts. The time for hiding her eyes is over. When she uses any of her abilities her eyes shift quickly from bright red to a deep brick and back.
A scent of allspice, pumpkin, vanilla, and nutmeg graces her moon pale skin.

Personality: Polite, Mysterious, and well Mannered. Very proud of her accomplishments through her life thus far. Very energetic, and cheerful. Finds beauty in that which is dark. A bright smile during a rainy evening.

Mythology: Unlike others of her kind Battony can live for quiet some time on human food alone, but on the night of the full moon a wild hunger erupts from her and she is forced to consume human, or another creatures blood.
Sunlight does hurt her, but doesn't cause her to bust into flames. Think of it as a really bad sunburn. A cross does her no harm either, nor does silver.
However Iron gives her a nasty burn, and can cause a flu like illness.
As per legend she 'sleeps' during the day, and is active during the evening. She possesses powers like many Vampires, including; Glamour, Eidetic Memory, Voice Mimicking, Superhuman Physical Abilities, Superhuman Senses, Enhanced Healing Factor, and Immortality. Like many Vampires she has fangs, which extend and retract at will with a simple facial movement. [more to be exposed as she is played...]

"I love you for everything you ever took from me
I love the way you dominate and you violate me
I love you for every time you gave up on me
I love you for the way you look when you lie to me

I love you for never believing in what I say
I love you for never once giving me my way
I love you for never delivering me from pain
I love you for always driving me insane

I'll bleed you dry now"

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forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 7:15 pm
Oh noes!
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 7:03 pm
I thought I was the only one!
Once at my old job, I misunderstood someone and went to lunch when I was supposed to stay at my place and finish something, and the old lady I worked
with said something about, "Do you wanna lose your job?" And she was just trying to explain to me why I should listen better
and I literally cried for 40 minutes. emotion_8c
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 6:49 pm
I'm glad it's not just me. Haha.
That's why I'm trying to get disability. I'm so scared of people and if someone
tells me I'm doing something wrong I cry. I can't even help it.
I'm such a baby.
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 6:41 pm
You don't suck at life. I bet tons of people (especially littles)
are scared of the dentist. I'm even scared of ordering my own food in public. Eep.
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 6:27 pm
As long as you don't freak out like that, you'll be fine. Haha.
I'm still freaked out about dentists because of all that. Lol
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 5:57 pm
When I was younger I went to the dentist, and he went to poke me with the needle, and
I twitched back and he cut my gums with it and I started sobbing and had to run to the bathroom
and throw up, and I was never allowed to go to that dentist again.
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 2:20 pm
I've had a couple baby teeth pulled, and it wasn't really too bad.
The worst is the shot that they give you. gonk
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 1:33 pm
Cookies! I'm sooo jealous~ What kind are they?
And that really stinks. Sounds like you really needed to go too. I hope your
teethies are feeling alright. <3
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 1:22 pm
I have to do some laundry. And I finally made an appointment with someone to talk about
getting disability. So that's good. Other than that I just have to make chili later for dinner.
What about you?
forever a fawn Report | 10/20/2014 12:06 pm
The new Carrie, and Texas Chainsaw.
It was bloody and gross.

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