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Birthday: 12/31


"And in mine darkness did I find you,

And in light was I
bound to do,

And does a gem
such as you,

that forever burns bright
and true,

Hold off the thought of parting,

Or does it feign the call of the ironbirds

To be reunited with it's most adored,

And denied those that most implored,

The place of peace, honour and merriment.

Naught of pain, and suffering
and hating.

That is where I
shall be waiting."


~ Bryling

You will either love me, or hate me.
This page is scarce purposely.
I am a poet, a writer and an introvert.
I am very literate.
I personify myself as a moody, cynical and blunt individual.
It's entirely perspective.

I got banned from Syndrone because
I don't sympathize with people wallowing
in their own self-pitying,
while being assuring of how much I like them.

And to clarify;
I do not.

mimi oct 2013