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I'm Brokuto. Previously Eren Jaegerbomb,
feel free to still call me Eren. I'm an INFP. I like anime and manga, digital art,
K-Pop & J-Pop, and have a (probably) unhealthy obsession with gore.

I love talking to people, so don't be shy!
I can't guarantee I won't bite though~


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The Midnight Mistress Report | 06/20/2016 5:17 am
The Midnight Mistress
I would be the worst of the pretend kink shamers since I kink so hard.

And also good luck with the avi for the annual ball! You got dis.
The Midnight Mistress Report | 06/20/2016 5:11 am
The Midnight Mistress
The Midnight Mistress Report | 06/20/2016 5:09 am
The Midnight Mistress
But he posted it as his status what am else am I suppose to do D:

Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 4:34 am
I like changing my avatars a lot too. And getting pretty artsu for them heart heart heart
I'll leave for maybe 2-3 months then come back. Depends, really. My other account is just used to get more gaia cash now, and that's about it.
I used to rp on there as well, I miss rping so was so fun!
Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 4:20 am
LOL Rally is crazy now, it used to be fun. Also I know what you mean, I disappear off some sites too, but then I'll come back to see what's going on. On my old account, no one is there anymore. I have a lot of friends and a lot of them are gone.
Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 4:11 am
I know they are, sooo amazing! I'm literally all over the place. I used to stay in the rally all the time and chat with a bunch of peeps, but no one really talks anymore in there. xp
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that, well I'll try to be here and chat with you if you get lonely. wink
Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 4:01 am
Well I missed the avatars, chatting it up with random people and the crazy atmosphere, that's all! It sucks people are leaving.
Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 3:52 am
Aww I understand. Thanks, I'd love to get to know you as well. smile
loomedai Report | 04/28/2016 3:44 am
Hi brokuto

How are you smile ?
Darling_Anika Report | 04/28/2016 3:40 am
Oh sorry about that! sweatdrop


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