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i have never stopped loving u and i never will..not exact words but.."I love you" - her"Finally. I've been waiting so I can tell you I love you" -him

If I do leave, which is possible, I will always remember you guys friends and family. And I will always love Lucas and will remember him always for he taught me many things and led me to where I am today. I am so proud of you Lucas for how hard you fought. And even though I'm moving on it doesn't mean I stopped loving you. It just means that I'm letting you go.. the way things should be.. and I know that you know that. Rest in peace Lucas my baby tiger. Rest in peace to those I have lost for now you no longer suffering. You are guardian angels and I'm sorry that I have ever hurt any one of you. I hope you have forgiven ms. Good bye my loves.

hate when people say i dont love you... i love you so much.. they dont understand.. they dont know the thoughts that run through my head and heart about u.. <3 im just glad u know i love you..

I may have changed but at least it is for the better and to me that's all that matters. I am not longer broken I an still recovering but I have come so far and pieces of me are healing. And one thing I have never thought woupld happen again since Lucas. L.. I fell in love again.. I'm stronger than ever and I'm happy and free.

I'll always remember you Lucas... my heart still hurts.. but I'm getting better.. I love you