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Female - INFJ T - Lover - Taken
"I just sort of exist and make noise."

You don't know what sort of problems a person is facing in life, do not add to them, give a reason to smile despite them. You could be the last thing to throw them over the edge or pull them back from it, whether you are a stranger or someone close.

I was a fairly active user when I was younger but once inflation got out of hand, I quit. It looks like I'm back indefinitely. I'm hoping to get back into roleplaying here, but I prefer to do so over on because I'm more comfortable with their no-limits style. I'm not really into NSFW, but I like the freedom without worry of getting in trouble because I made a sexual joke or something. So either on here or on there, if you know of a group roleplay, or want to pitch a 1x1 idea to me, please send me a message! Be wary, I am picky and usually keep myself pretty busy in the roleplay front, so if I reject the offer I'm not trying to be hurtful, and understand that if I say no, nothing will change my answer, pressing the idea will just make me not enjoy your company, please don't do that. No one likes to feel forced or pressured to do anything when they don't want to, especially something that's supposed to be fun.

Want to get to know me better? Send me a message or find me in the forums.

I have depression and because of this I'm sometimes not feeling social so I may take a while to respond, though occasionally I won't at all (usually with lengthier conversations), if this happens please do not take it personally!

I love black/white/off-black/off-white/red/pink/light blue or any combination of those colors, and monochrome, bubblegum, dusky, or alleycat color schemes, pet items too! If you got any of those you don't want, send them my way! <3

Kind Gifters
Fluorescent Succubi - Trouble Alleycat
PTag - Runcible Moon
Empress Ekko - Midnight Voodoo Doll
Kurojochu - Crazed Hatter, The Crooked Ringmaster, Knightly Kodona
Anon - Through the Ethereal Frame
Ao Kotengu - 40B, Ryuusei Precious, Divine Angelic Idol, The Literate Bibliothecary, Mug Ado About Marble Cake, Dichromatic Rabbit Nurse, Muted Time Lapse Gala, Sweetie Meido Cafe: Yan's Side, Somber Shika Deer, Formula 1: Snowflake Charm x3
125th - 10B
Egotistic God - Booming Death Speaker
Anon - Moira's Aekea Rebellion
Anon - Dark Devil Slayer
Ophelia Moonfang - 8B
Pyr0prince - 9B
Anon - Brave Legs
Anon - Delinquent Thrall
Desu Chu - Beaming Starlit Symphonia

Thank you guys so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

"I just sort of exist and make noise."

Extra charms? Send them my way, please!
I love art freebies~

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PetrichoraV on 09/19/2017