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When I grow up
I want to be
the wife
to the man who deserves me

★ ██ My old username was Broken Heart Production.
★ ██ You may call me Broken, Heart, or BHP; whatever you'd like really.
★ ██ My birthday is on October 11th.
★ ██ I am pansexual and taken.
★ ██ I dream to be an actress; currently I am a Let's Player on Youtube to brighten up people's days and make them smile. However, my main life goal is to become a wife and have a child.
★ ██ I would love art of me and Garry, draw me some? I tip! <3

I do not accept random friend requests. Don't bother on adding me if you don't plan on talking; I will remove people who I never talk to.
xRush_of TheDeadlyShadowx
Devil Sebastian Michaelis
Broken Logic BHP

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