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Female - INFJ T - Lover - Taken
"I just sort of exist and make noise."

You don't know what sort of problems a person is facing in life, do not add to them, give a reason to smile despite them. You could be the last thing to throw them over the edge or pull them back from it, whether you are a stranger or someone close.

If you PM me and I don't respond, send me another or seek me out another way. I receive notifications but sometimes there will be no message, I don't know if it's bugged or what.
I will remove people from my friends list if they go inactive or we don't interact for a while.
If we are roleplaying together, please quote me or I may never know you responded. After a week of radio silence, I assume that you're either busy or uninterested so I unsubscribe from the thread.

I have depression and because of this I'm sometimes not feeling very social so I may take a while to respond, though occasionally I won't at all (usually with lengthier conversations), if this happens please do not take it personally!

I love roleplaying so feel free to contact me about doing either a group or a 1x1 together! I prefer to roleplay in the forums but can be talked into PMs, or on another site called because they offer NSFW topics - I just like the freedom to approach heartbreaking plots and for my characters to say/do what they like without worry about getting in trouble. I heard Gaia is a bit ban-happy lately.
I am picky and don't come out of my comfort zone often so don't be offended if I reject your idea. Please don't try to pressure me into a plot or theme I don't like; it's no fun to be forced into something you don't want to do! Otherwise, I'm lax and just go with the flow/whatever makes you happy so please let me know if there's something I can change if we RP together.

I love black, white, off-black, off-white, red, pink or any combination of those colors. Monochrome, bubblegum, crimson, dusky/rosy, and alleycat color schemes, pet items too! If you got any of those you don't want, send them my way! <3

"I just sort of exist and make noise."

Extra charms? Send them my way, please!
I love art freebies~

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