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"I just sort of exist and make noise."

You don't know what sort of problems a person is facing in life, do not add to them, give a reason to smile despite them. You could be the last thing to throw them over the edge or pull them back from it, whether you are a stranger or someone close.

I was a fairly active user when I was younger but once inflation got out of hand, I quit. It looks like I'm back indefinitely. I'm hoping to get back into roleplaying here, but I prefer to do so over on because I'm more comfortable with their no-limits style. I'm not really into NSFW, but I like the freedom without worry of getting in trouble because I made a sexual joke or something. So either on here or on there, if you know of an open group roleplay, or want to pitch a 1x1 idea to me, please send me a message! Be wary, I am picky or usually keep myself pretty busy in the roleplay front, so if I reject the offer I'm not trying to be hurtful.

Want to get to know me better? Send me a message or find me in the forums.

I have depression and because of this I'm sometimes not feeling social so I may take a while to respond, though occasionally I won't at all (usually with lengthier conversations), if this happens please do not take it personally!

Kind Gifters
Fluorescent Succubi - Trouble Alleycat
PTag - Runcible Moon
Empress Ekko - Midnight Voodoo Doll
Kurojochu - Crazed Hatter

Thank you guys so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

"I just sort of exist and make noise."

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Mister Man Chan on 04/23/2017