Hello, person!
My name is... duh. emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
(No, it's not literally 'duh'. don't be a dumb a**.)
I like everyone. Even non people things.
Like rocks and stuff.
Rocks are part of our home.
I'm a complicated human being
so don't even try to figure me out.
I'm a woman. x3
I like to think I'm a good person,
though I have my moments,
but other than that, I think
we can get along just fine. ^-^
Leave me a comment so I can worship you.
I'm not joking, I will kiss your a** until you're sick of me.

Caress me down ~<3

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Note to Visitor

Hello there, visitor! I thank you for visiting my profile. I love visitors! They all SUCK at being mean, y'know? :3 MY profile is welcomed by everyone to enjoy! d**k wads aren't welcomed. Kbye!! <3



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Zukimime Report | 01/01/2015 5:39 am
Merry Super-Belated Christmas and Happy New Year! <3333333 ;u;
Miss you, you baka QnQ
Nightime Story Report | 11/05/2014 6:48 pm
HEEEEYY We're both ONLINE~~~~
Enough with the pie, I had a whole cake last night rofl
Nightime Story Report | 11/04/2014 4:51 pm
Well if you put it that way yea lol
You're my lil sis, at the same time you're my Bro, and your name has a bro in it :3
oniNjaKatt135o Report | 11/03/2014 4:54 am
Long time no chat.
Lovin the profile
Nightime Story Report | 11/02/2014 6:37 am
Hangout, we shall. (Nyeeeeeh)
Nightime Story Report | 11/01/2014 12:31 pm
god I haven't been chatting on the gaia for so long(about more than a few months now) I'm beginning to get typos... ;~;
Nightime Story Report | 11/01/2014 12:27 pm
heeey!!!! IT'S FIG!!!! YOUR BACK!!!
sorry for not seeing this earlier.
I'm not at home more than usual now sad
Zukimime Report | 10/28/2014 2:32 pm
It's ok, I'm glad you found the time to log in and say hello~! <333

Thankfully we're near christmas (and idk if you get a halloween break too?), so you'll have the time to relax pretty soon~ ;u;
Zukimime Report | 10/10/2014 6:46 pm
Braw. ;-;
Braaaw. ;--;
You disappeared again, Braw. ;n;
Scary Scribbles Report | 08/08/2014 3:43 pm
Lol yeah true. But life seems to be taking too much of my time. ._.
And that's good to hear. c: