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Welcome to my home

I'm Brick. I'm looking for friends and people to talk to / connect with. I'm rather quiet but seem to do well with keeping conversations rolling. I have plenty to say, just not knowing when to say it. I can get stuck in my own thoughts as everyone else does. I can be incredibly opinionated as the next person but I am respectful to most opinions that do not agree with mine. I find it is important to have an open mind and improve yourself everyday.
I try to stay as literate as possible. Also, I very much dislike one-sided conversations so if you're not contributing then I will most likely disengage after so much effort. Sometimes, I can be emotional and it can be off-putting to a lot of people because trust me, emotions are ******** scary.
Honestly, I rather prefer someone who is in touch with their feelings over someone who is apathetic.
With the way things are now; I will be going through new motions in my life to strive for what I really want, no matter what the sacrifice and for what is best for me.

I spend my time usually caught up in anime or sucked into a video game.
There are times where I could be reading a book or enjoying my hand at drawing.
I'm totally an all-time fan of Pokémon and can't resist the Tales Of video game series. You'll usually find me loitering the most in the

Also; I really suck at PMing and I don't really do comments.
I don't know why, just is how it is.

I think that's enough "about me." If you're really still that interested in knowing more you'll just have to talk to me.

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