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Last Login: 08/28/2014 4:29 pm

Registered: 05/19/2012

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/13


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Name: Breanna
Birthday: February 13.
Location: Pennsylvania (United States.)
Skype: ThatChickBreanna
You should add me on either or both of those two, I need friends.
Random Pms are cool, you should send me some.
I'm Black.
I'm obsessed with Canada.
Don't talk to me if you have the grammar skills of a second grader. K? K.

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Jessi Stardust Report | 08/23/2014 8:52 pm
Jessi Stardust
Gurlll I wanna feel the booty for my birthday. redface
Jessi Stardust Report | 08/21/2014 9:03 am
Jessi Stardust
It was fun, I definitely got darker xD
Jessi Stardust Report | 08/19/2014 2:51 pm
Jessi Stardust
Jessi Stardust Report | 08/17/2014 8:57 pm
Jessi Stardust
Coooolio picture I forgot to say before I went on my vaca!
Mego Bunny Report | 08/10/2014 9:17 pm
Mego Bunny
Those sunglasses crack me up! Love em~
II Ew Its Ellie II Report | 08/10/2014 10:28 am
II Ew Its Ellie II
Nice Profile And Avi smile
Oh ! And Thanks For Buying ! heart
Jessi Stardust Report | 08/04/2014 8:57 pm
Jessi Stardust
confused Waah
Jessi Stardust Report | 07/31/2014 8:07 am
Jessi Stardust
Looks nice x3
Lil e_rock88 Report | 07/29/2014 2:22 pm
Lil e_rock88
cool avi
Marilyntheripper Report | 07/29/2014 12:44 pm
no prob c: sure hun send me a request
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Lil e_rock88
Jessi Stardust

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