Welcome to my shop.

Nik Nacs will be sold here. Honestly nothing special.
I do have rules though..

. No begging for items/ donations
. No asking me to sell the items that are on me
. I will trade items for items depending on how "I" feel about the item your trading
. Haggling? Only if its not a low blow.
. If you shoot me a PM with the math done right Ill take off the 2%
. I WILL return mispriced items but I would like 2% of the profit to make up for the 2% I lost buying your item . So for example if I bought the item for 5k Ill trade it back and YOU must put the 2% into the trade, if you refuse I will there for keep the item.
Though if I find you incredibly nice I may just give it back without a problem. heart

Fail to follow these rules and you will be ignored.

Thanks for taking a peak!
Have a nice day.
Your truly Brb Walking heart
reached 900m 12/20/13
reached 1b 12/20/13


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