Let the sea determines his fate.


Birthday: 07/03

Soul Eater... I... will not run away... anymore...



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Say, Lazlo... Are we really that famous now?

We may be pirates, but... Not all pirates are bad people.

About myself: 27 / F / U.S.
(Sorry, not taking friend requests - this is a mule account!)

About Brandeau!
Name: Brandeau. Pronounced "Bran dough."
Age: 270 years old. (100 years = 10 years in his time.)
Type: Demon.
Special characteristics:
- Natural teal haircolor
- Golden eyes
- Natural horns
- Devil tail is metallic, not fleshy, and is bionic
- Bionic limbs: Both arms can be removed, and right leg can be removed / left leg is his only natural leg.

Hobbies: Inventing weaponry, unique body armor, and metal prosthetics.
In his quiet time, he likes to listen to classical music and read poetry.

You must choose the path which you believe in.


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