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Rolepay Setting: Midevil Fantasy

Rp Type: Multi Para/Para/Semi Para

Name: Brakkara

Goes by: Brak or Brakkara

Race: Orc

Age: 28

Eyes: Intense Blue

Hair: long and Black

Height: 5' 5''

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Alignment: Neutral Good

Status: Single

Type: Mercenary/Hunter

Armor: Light Leather

Animal Companion: Raptor named Dart or Worg named Brutok

Skills: Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Skinning, Cooking , Bow and arrow , dagger or spear making. (Elaboration of the spear making , Spears made of natural materials such as Teeth, claws, Deer horns ect Not metal working)


Brakkara at first glance would be considered small for most orcs though still has the same bulky form.

She has a healthy shade of green skin that seems to naturally glisten a bit in the light. Her hair is long and comes down to about the middle of her back. It is black in color and also has the same sheen as her skin. Her eyes are soft with a blue color.

She has a subtle pair of lower fangs lining her lower jaw and her ears have 3 rings along each one. Two in the upper part of them and one on each earlobe.

Clothing wise she is usually seen in leather type materials but can change at a moments notice. Mostly wears dark green with yellow highlights

She is always carrying her bow and accompanied by her pet .(Which is currently a Worg or a Raptor. )

(( When angry or trying to defend herself)) Brakkara has taught herself how to copy many animal sounds. Her main one she mimics is that of a wolf growl and or snarl. Another she can easily copy is a cat or snake like hiss and her most famous is the Tiger like roar. She learned how to do this to make herself seem more intimidating in battle and or to use it against her prey in a hunt.


Brakkara was found hidden in a tree after a group of humans attacked and destroyed her families camp grounds. Her family and group, the Skull Crushers, were once known as both skilled hunters and warriors. Her clan has had a long standing feud with humans. The reason for it mostly was competition over land and supplies then came the fighting between the two. This long hated for humans started with her family generations ago and had been passed down up until Brakkaras birth.

With times changing they had no choice but to broaden their work spectrum to survive. They now worked as mercenaries for hire and would carry out the task for who ever paid them enough to do the job. While they were not opposed to hunting just about anything humans tended to be their main target still. Upon being hired her group of orcs were known for doing it quickly and efficiently though some may question their methods as some were seen as cruel and brutal but what was one to expect of orcs?

In time the irony of their deeds seemed to catch up with them as the exact thing ended up happening to them. A group of hunting humans hired by the nearby village were sent out to take out these orcs for the mass crimes they have committed against them. For years they were able to outwit the humans but eventually that luck ran out when they were caught by surprised. The humans slaughtered all the orcs they could find, all twenty of them. Once they were done with them they burned it to the ground just for extra measures.

It was only Brakkara's mother' and her quick thinking that saved her. She accomplished this by putting Bakkara in a hallow tree then hiding her under some leaves and blankets that kept her safe and undiscovered by the human exterminators.

Long after the humans left Brakkara had been left alone long enough for her to start to cry. Lucky for her there was another clan of orcs moving through the area. They heard her cries as well as saw the smoke from the carnage. Getting a pretty good idea of what happened the orcs Male leader decided to take her in as his own daughter. Brakkara was raised with the Blood Hand clan orcs.

Like her parents hunters blood runs through her veins and she took up being just that. Her skills seemed to come natural for her to be able to handle a bow and arrow as well as make her own weapons.. Her smaller size makes and deep green color made her a dangerous predator at night or in heavy foliage areas.

(Want to know more ? Then come roleplay with me ! )

((Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet Info and profile ))

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