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Bone Scythe
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Kottan Bell 5th Gen

PPFT! i love yew moree! ;D! Oh wait wat? o.o'' Oh it's yew no wonder xD well you know wat? O: CHEES-ITH! YUH! i said eet >.> <.< Mwahahahaha... x] you ish nat know wat it means so HA! well...i dunno wat it means either o-o'' Yush i talk-ith to myself, litterally o-o I space out every 32 seconds, Ispend hours staring at shiny CD's and i have special moments when i hum or boop the mario theme song while rolling ack and forth on the floor =D! And in walmart i walk in slow-mo singing the mission imposible song xD sometimes i say the MOST RETARDED-IST THINGS YOU'LL EVER HEAR xDD!!! buht who dosent enjooy that? ;O Im freaking addicted to texting Dx bh mother dear cancelled my texts!!! D<<<!! I have the stricktest mother T< Even though she dosent want me too, im gunna get snakebites [and maybe even spiderbites O:] and get my hair all poofy like scene hair =D!!! <3!!! And dress EXACTLY how i wish D< so stick it your juice box and suck it! >O! Im a wierd child O______o;; but yuh, you basically need to know that im random =D! and that makes meh shy-knee xD!!! You can be shy-knee too O:! ~glomps~ you'll just need to deal wiff me attached to yew! =D!!! simple, no? Well, my closet friends are ni-chan [nick] and jelly [angelica] :3 I love my friends to death, i would list all meh other ones buuuht, im to lazy =D so your gunna have to deal with that fur a while C: Oh, by the way pedro says your sexy o-o''' you better enjoy being suprise buttseckxed all the time when you least expect eet o-e'' and if your a guy, hohoho, >D pedro will relly enjooy yew xD!!! So yupp yuppp, ill do anything for my frans! C:!!! and oh, i mean ANYTHING >;O so you better watch your backs mister lady C< Or ill keel you wiff meh eyeliner! ;O! Oh yea, toast is the answer btw I: Lalalalalalalala! >D!!!! ~chases bobbeh up a tree~ D= nuuu! dun leave meh bobby! D< ~dies~ x-x'' ~reincarnates~ dammett! xO sixth time today D< Draws tally mark on person nearby >-> Nao you stay there, forever.........and ever, and ever, and ever o-o
Other stuff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Age: old enuff
Sex: not with yew perv T: ......maybe ;D/ *checks down pants* Yupp im a female, oh, you dunt belive me? wanna see? x3
Location: Fuzzy room =DD!!!
Status: Poking and pulling nick's hair xD
Single: yush v.v
cookies: are you effin cereal? O:
Anime/manga: After school nightmare [manga on my profile] Naruto, Hana kimi, Junjou Romantica <3, Vampir knight , deathnote <3 Chobits, Chibi vampire [more coming soonn]
Music: rock, techno, electro, screamo, alternative, etc.
Name: Rawr! Oh wat? Brendsssss....
Cheese: Yus i would love some
Random: Heehee, ya think? 8D
On crack: that's wat people say ;D
Best buds: Nick, Jelly, Morgan, Kaylasawr, Kyrina
Addictions: I have no clue wut your talking about v.v ~hides manga books~
Bands: [no order]
Blood on the dance floor
Breaking benjamin
30 seconds to mars
System of down
3 days grace
Likin park
We the kings
Green day
All american rejects
All time low
Papa roach
Hatsune miku
Henry homesweet
Cash cash
I am x-ray
Amyy can fly
Rawr [yush, its a band T.T]
Kevin rudolf
Lady gaga
Shane dawson
Daft punk
Blue man group
Cobra starship
Medic driod
Breathe carolina
Panic at the disco
The secret handshake
Owl city
Sick puppies
Forever the sickest kids
The academy is...
[more to come ;O]



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Yo_Scummy_Self Report | 01/16/2012 10:46 pm
b***h a** hoe 3 hahah I made a new account but a girrrrl her name is Skins_UK 3
Warrior_Nun801 Report | 11/22/2011 8:39 am
Invite more people?
Warrior_Nun801 Report | 11/21/2011 5:43 pm
Sorry, I know little of spanish ^^; And don't wanna get your hopes up, but I'm actually a girl. I used the genderbender potion
Warrior_Nun801 Report | 11/21/2011 5:32 pm
Hi! biggrin
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 11:54 am
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 11:26 am
Alot I dont like his voice
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 11:21 am
yea and I don't like em
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 11:16 am
I'll wait until more bands are added cause so far theres only a few to look forward to
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 10:56 am
idk what bands playing this year
YouTubedUrMom Report | 02/03/2011 10:51 am
I saw them at warped tour

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