My name is....Botan
I'm...I can't tell you...then again I don't even know
I'm a....girl
My only family is....I don't really have any. For as long as I can remember I've had Lord Koenma. And recently Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei. Plus so many others.
My favorite saying is....BINGO!!!

Hello! Botan here. I am the guide to the spirit world. Some call me the Grim Reaper. I'm happy, bubbly, and be quit talkitive once I get going. I have the ability to heal others and I have many trusty gizmos to help throughout any journey. And I say 'Bingo' alot which can get on some peoles nerves. It's fun ^.^ Anyways I'm not here to bore you with pointless info about me. Heres are some pictures of me and my friends....
Heres a group picture of me and my friends....

This is Kurama. He is smart and can be super sweet.

And this is Hiei. Whatever you do don't make him mad....

This is Kurama with his demon form Yoko. Yup you got it. Fox demon.

They may deny it but they are really close.

Another group picture.

Aww!! Hiei and his sister Yukina.

And another one. Please don't kill me Hiei....

This is my boss. The Mighty Lord Koenma.

Group pictures are so much fun ^.^

This is Yusuke. He is such a child at times but he's also very strong.

And Kuwabara. Can't forget him.

Awww!! Poor Kuwabara. He looks kinda worried.

This is Koenma when he's in his adult form. He's so cute....too bad he's a huge jerk....

Heres me.


This is what I had to wear when looking for and killing those stupid Makai insects....


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my 3rd gaia girl

life is not all that cracked up to be.

this is my life^ if you dont like it then screw you!!! leave comments thank you^.^



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Long time no talk whee
nenshou kitsune-sama

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nenshou kitsune-sama

Yu yu hakusho fan huh,that's pretty cool smile

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Hey cutie wink heart
Parco Falgore

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Parco Falgore

you got my messege correct?

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Ugh, tiring x-x

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I Turn my pms off sometimes to clean my inbox.
You can send pms to me now.

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cool avi

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Happy Birthday~!~!~!~!~!~!~! heart heart heart

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Thanks for buying =)
From the Future Trunks

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From the Future Trunks

Teen Gohan.WHen he had his blue martial arts outfit and teen were his best stages.
He got annoying because he was more serious.And Buu was a huge problem.-__-XD


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