My Goodbye Letter:
From the day i started on gaiaonline, i was a timid quiet boy back then, didn't really have many friends, but now i have a family i can call my own. The term family to me is not by blood but by the bonds shared by people. My time on gaia allowed me to be free, not quite in the real world but more so in virtual sense of being.
Since my stay on gaia, it was a wild ride, but looking back, i had my ups and downs and a hella a lot of drama recently. yet even then as my name was being driven in the mud by lies and hate, i didn't let it get me down, and in the end stomped out the cause of it all. yet despite the hell i suffered, of an attack on my virtual image and real life, i grew from the experience and found out what living life truly was. The acceptance of loss, and the ability to appreciate, not the stir of the moments but the journey that is embarked, holding your memories close but never letting them tie you down. What makes us who we are is not the past but our actions of now that dictate who we become. To that i would like to thank all the people who i have interacted with, thank you for if i had never met you i would have not become the man i have become today. I met many people on this site that contributed to this growth, many i am still friends with. They are my family, from the bonds we shared, i was able to grow and become the honorable person i am today. Holding my moral code high, and throwing away my pride if needed to, to help others. In me was the belief that there is good in everyone, even in the cruelest of people. All you need is a bit of kindness to draw it out and a bit of bravery to handle the nasty bits. it always takes a bit of pushing through the trash to find the gold in the pile.
To the people i should thank the most i thank you. To my enemy who was once my friend who i still care for in a way despite what had been done to me, where i would hold out my hand still to help out even if bitten, if you ever read this argy, i thank you for the memories. despite what had happened between us, we both know what truly happened, whether we choose to speak the truth or not, my thanks will always be with you hoping you the best even if you choose not to for me. It is because of you that helped me grow the most. If it wasn't because of you i would not have gone down the path i went. I wouldn't have been forced in a position that forced my hand, forcing me to dig myself out of the grave that i was placed in, finding a new path. I wouldn't have gone through the hell that allowed me to grow, the hell that helped developed the drive to win, to continue no matter the odds, and the will to be the hero i idolized when i was a kid. In a way i became something more, of my previous ideals i had met and surpassed them into the gentleman i am today. Despite the bad memories, there is also the good that i should thank you for. You helped me in bad times, when life wasn't good for me, it was the need to make you smile that allowed me to go the extra effort, finding new ways to achieve my goal. It was your belief in me that i could do anything that sparked the fire in my heart that still blazes today. For you were right in one way, for as long as i put my heart into something i can make it happen. it was your faith in me that helped me grow. When things didn't work out i just need to make my heart blaze a little brighter till my passion caused my soul to catch on fire. The game i constantly worked on came about because of your belief in me. I have achieved so many things along the way and met so many others that have helped me on my journey. I wanted you to be happy, and i wanted to prove right the vision you had of me. You called me a hero, a knight, though now idk what you think of me anymore, but i keep that vision alive helping out people. You were one of the few who truly believed in me, and in a way, i wouldn't have become the person i am today without your help. The good the bad even the ugliest of times between us helped me become the person i am today, and helped me realize my dreams, helping me jump towards those goals. Thanks argy, no matter what you become, i wish you the best, thanks for the memories.

Despite it all, despite the good times and the bad times on gaia. The entertaining games, roleplaying, larping, good times with friends and all the interesting chats, i feel as though i have become too comfortable in my surrondings and feel as though i have missed quite a few opportunities because of my stay on gaia and responsibilities as an adult. instead of focusing on my life, gaia had been my escape when i didn't feel like dealing with the real world. In the long run it was fun, but looking back, i could have done so much more than what i had been doing in the past. Its one thing to indulge, but too much stunts your growth in a way. Since my two month break i had taken from gaia, my life had been so great, with so many of my projects being completed or near completion with no stress from past problems and no worries of other peoples problems. For a long time i've only pseudo quit gaia, not participating in events and only going on to when a friend asks me to, or if someone needs me. Yet it never really felt different until i quit fully for two months. not worrying about other peoples problems, or anything gaia related. During these past few weeks of thinking, i have come to the conclusion that my chapter on gaiaonline had come to close. i think its finally time i became fully an adult, leave the nest that i had grown too comfortable in and step into new territory. Though it was fun, i think its time i really show what i am capable of. i think i've lazied around enough. There comes a time where we must leave the nest we have grown comfortably in to focus on more important things.

Thanks for the memories everyone, you've helped me grow like no other. I'll be sure to pay everyone back. Thanks for the good times, and may the good times continue rolling for you.