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Hello there fellow faggots. ♡ this is Kelly hacking the boo. I can honestly say she can't spell. LOL. When we were skyping one night she told me she looked like a "tamato" and I died laughing because she spelled it wrong. Most of the time I'm skyping this little loser o call a bestfriend. Tays someone who you can depend and get good advice from she is a good friend. BTW she had a big a**. LOL. Js. Ahahaha. Anyways Taylor you need to learn how to spell and get better. Rn you have a huge rash and it looks so bad. XD. Well this is getting too long and ohh one more thing is we have so many fights and arguments but we always end up friends again because I love you so much. ♡ crazy how much I love you. You're the sister I never had but in a white version. XD Ahahah might as well end this here. Bye fellow Faggots. ♡

Dear Taylor, You are one of the most amazing girls that i have ever met. From the fact that you are pretty to the fact that you laugh at all my jokes LOL. It would take hundreds of girls just to amount to just one of you. You are smart, kind, courageous, and a good friend. If you ever need help or advice I'll be there for you. You are amazing. Your bestie, Corey smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Let's Make This Short & Sweet
- 7.08.2k11 - 4:45:43PM Pacific Time -
Tess here, hacking myy littttle hoe Taylor(;
She might be young but doesnt act it. basically taylor doesnt have mains. if youre lucky enough to be on her friends list you better work yo a** off to stay on it &;o Or else. Youve been warned.
Taylor & i met in MTV through aaa friend c: And im glad we did meet because shes funny and other stuff. I havent known her for long at alll hahah maybe like a week? But i knoww we'll be friendds for awhile.&33.
I wont explain about who she is because thats all in her About Me...I have 2Words for you; Read. It. ;p
We'r basicaally twins. You know why? Because we both like the color Green. And for those of youu who dont...SMH, SMH.
SOO baaasically, everyone should be friends with Taylor becaause shes aweesome C:
❥ Your Hoee Tess.

Well This wouls be Jon Hacking THE LOVE OF MY LIFE Taylor&3 [; I LOVE HER SO ******** MUCH. She means the world to me. Haha anwayz what can i say about Taylor umm lets see I LOVE HER&3 she is funny,amazing,SEXY,and so much more. Well i always got taylors back for life and thats a fact no opinion. This Chick is Single, but Her heart is taken by me&3 [; AHA niqqaz be jealous&3 [; Well Taylor and I Are married xD. Aha we were in vj and out of the blue i asked her to marry me xD Funny s**t and she said Yes&3 [; Aha She my wife&3 For life&3 [; Well Taylor is just an -uh-maze-ing girl. She a one of a kind. ******** with her i ******** you up iight niqqaz. Well i have to go nowsz bc im watching tv and txting ppl and i cant multitask soo Taylor Te amo but im outz~
070911&3 [; At 10:38 am New York time [; Love You Taylor&3 [;

heyy stalkers ;D
waad's here
This gurl im hackin is wonderful , amazing , funny , cool , cute ,, and my hoe!
oh yeah ;P
so don't mess with her
or ima kick yhur a** c;&
ily bbz xx

Aye! Sit Down Time To Get Your Ugly a** Faqs Straight! Well everyone should know me I am Summer and I am hackinn the most amazinn' girl anyone will eva fuuckin meet; she is my twin and you can't break that HA! Her name Taylorr and she is like the most outstandinn' girl eva! If you fuuck wit her imma have to fuuckin whoop your a** LOLOL! just sayin Bicch!: P I love Taylorr forever REMEBER SHE IS MAHH TWIN&3(: iLovee ya gurrl[;

Summer - A.K.A - Puff Puff nd Pass -

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