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Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/01



Ahoy there, welcome to my page!

I first logged onto gaia in April 2009, along
the way I have met some really interesting people.
Most of them have stuck around, some friends
will come and go.

I don't really talk about myself much, it's just who
I am.

My interests are drawing, piano, television, music,
GaiaOnline, friends, family.

Some people that I want to mention are (in
alphabetical order) ; Arrietangle23, Chiroi,
IcetheArtist, Israphal, Jimmy Joshxas,
King Bardz, Mimiaki, NinjakingD11, l~Nitemare~l,
Rainbow Filled Nights, Rayatia, secakee,
ShibbuSama, Slick Southpaw, Taihe,
whale watcher, Whispers of Delusions and
Wimex Seven.
You have all made a huge impact on my life, I'm
sorry I can't get back to all of you all the time and
I'm really grateful for all you have done for me.

There is an extra special person that I hold dear in
my heart, my best friend and someone that I will
always love no matter what. This person has made
the biggest impact on my life.
Mage the Red, I love you unconditionally. You are
my best friend and have seen me through thick
and thin.

I love you all very much, please don't be offended
if you're not on my page or are not mentioned
in here.

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I'm a loving and caring person with my own wits
and humor. I want to be that person that can
brighten your day and make you smile smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

Pirate Applicants

Chiroi on 09/30/2014
DigitalMage The Blue on 09/29/2014
Jimmy Joshxas on 09/29/2014
Mage The Red on 09/29/2014
Xx-K E Y S-xX on 09/29/2014
l~Nitemare~l on 09/29/2014
Obizu on 09/27/2014
CBB1112 on 09/26/2014
OG MudClit on 09/25/2014
Cococonuts on 09/25/2014
x C 0 0 lK i 3 x on 09/23/2014
BlackButler4Life on 09/22/2014
Nekookie on 09/21/2014
Anxiously Odd on 09/21/2014
x-Omurice on 09/19/2014
Trickster Francis on 09/19/2014
King Bardz on 09/18/2014
ShibbuSama on 09/18/2014
Katittude- on 09/17/2014
logical_nightmare on 09/16/2014


Mage The Red
Bonny Lass Minty
Wimex Seven
strapping young man
Slick Southpaw
Jimmy Joshxas
Sly x Legend
Lady Saxophone
Whispers of Delusion
Explosive Ovaries
Rainbow Filled Nights
Acadine Oblige
Thug Levi
King Bardz

She is the captain of all that is minty and perky!