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Hello~ The name's Ren. I prefer this name over my username. I'm 25, female, and bit of an anime fan. If you haven't guessed by my username I'm a fan of Hetalia. I rather admire APH France. Anyways, I do apologize that my profile is a bit bland and boring but, I may change that in the future. Anyways, I'm not quite sure what else to say here since I'm quite terrible with these sorts of things. I do hope you have a good day!

A few rules that would be nice if you followed...

1. Please be mature and not some weird creep. I've dealt with so many creepers in the past that I don't want to have to put up with it.
2. Don't add me because you like my avatar.
3. Don't add me just to beg me for gold/donations. Unless I'v known you for a good amount of time or you're a close friend, I won't donate to you for any reason.
4. Don't add me just because you want to have the most friends.
5. I don't like pet names. Don't use them. Simply call me, Ren. I'm not, "cutie" or "sweeheart" or "hun." I'm Ren. It's incredibly uncomfortable for me to be referred to by pet names.

That's all. Adding more as they come.


Ren / 25 / Female / Tumblr

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"Love Is Something That You Shouldn't Force On Others"


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