I will get a profile up here sometime. In the meantime, here are some random facts about me.

Nicknames: Boku (primarily in English) , Rin (primarily in Japanese)

Interests: Reading, Japanese, manga, anime, Japanese literature, Harry Potter, design

I passed level N2 (second hardest level) of the Japanese language Proficiency Test, so if you have anything you would like translated,
I'll do it for free, unless it's really long, or otherwise takes a while to translate.

As for finding me around Gaia, I'm currently Vice-Captain of 日本語・クラブ(Japanese Club), a guild for all things Japanese.
I am also a mod at Forever, Fornever: A Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Guild, and help run the Japanese Lessons over at the Multilingualism guild.
When I'm not in one of those places,
I can often be found at the Magical Lair Hideaway thread, chatting with friends, or the Chatting in Japanese thread, hanging out with fellow Japanese speakers.

Off Gaia I run a Japanese literature blog called Dokushojin, help run a review blog with my friend IceCream called IceCream & Bokusenou , and am a translator for OCD Scanlations, a doujinshi scanlation group.

Currently Reading:
GO by 金城一紀(Kazuki Kaneshiro)



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Gate of Babylon

Report | 07/30/2014 2:24 am

Gate of Babylon

Ah, hello! It's been a little while haha... how are you?
Seri Dreams

Report | 07/30/2014 12:47 am

Seri Dreams

I have been working too c:
Its nice to see you again!

Report | 09/16/2013 3:29 am


biggrin お誕生日おめでとう~!★ biggrin

Report | 09/05/2013 4:20 pm


Hey Rin, are you still around? Did you get my emails? eek

Report | 08/29/2013 6:08 pm


Finally replied on gmail! Replied everything there, pretty sure! Let me know if I missed anything. biggrin

Report | 08/27/2013 4:54 pm


In short, about the layout only: I'm confused about the white banner bit. Do you mean the white on top of the banner with the curved edges on the very top? If so, I think that would look cute if incorporated in the banner (so no white, all banner)! But whatever you think looks nice is fine! I'm still a little confused!

For the "read now" button, I have no ideas just yet! Let's decide after the banner so that the button will look similar to the banner/similar theme!!

Report | 08/27/2013 4:52 pm


Aw crap, it looks like Gaia deleted my message! Just finished my reply, posted it, and now it's gone! I'm going to reply to your gmail because this has happened to me twice now on Gaia!! Ugh! If you get a choppy curt reply back, I'm sorry! It's because I spent so much time writing my lengthy detailed one!

Report | 08/25/2013 4:07 pm


Sure sounds nice that you got to go to the beach during all the heat waves recently! Did you go swimming, or fishing? I'm still waiting for the day when I can finally go on my summer vacation! I've been doing school work and work-work all summer long. (Had to take online English classes over the summer so that I wouldn't miss the deadline for my TUJ application, since my counselor over there says English 101 and 102 is their only requirement now.)

Yeah I noticed the hanko would jump around a little bit when I played with the blog archive arrows to the side! I saved the hanko on my computer because it's so cute! I'm actually thinking about using it to add to the end of all my posts!! ★ And I am still obsessed with the background! It makes the blog feel fun and friendly, and really brings it out! All my other blog layouts were a little dull and uninviting compared to this!!!!

That anime club sounds even better than the anime/conversational clubs at my college combined!! Too bad the culture club disbanded! Maybe there's some local groups to be a part of? I know Jemma (Jembru) from the forums is in a small local Japanese conversational group that she found on a site called Gumtree. Abby (MidoriAbby) is in something similar, last I heard. I haven't seen anything similar in my town, but I've been thinking about trying to save up some money and join the local Kendo dojo for whatever reason. Been obsessed with watching kendo recently, and really captivated by it. Hoping that there would be quite a handful of Japanese-learners/speakers there too! It's just so expensive, and I won't be here much longer. If anything though, there might me at least one person in that anime club that speaks some Japanese! Worth a shot!

Would I say lang8 improved my Japanese...hmm, how should I put thisYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Incredibly so!! When I was using lang8, I wasn't shy of speaking in Japanese, and I felt so confident! All the corrections and comments from the natives were uplifting, and supportive. It was amazing, but I quit because while living and working at the university, I didn't have much time for it. I'm planning to start again, but I just need to sort out everything first. Definitely give lang8 a go. It's truly amazing, and I love it. Since lang8, I've been keeping a Japanese journal that I still write in nearly everyday. The website gave me confidence to make mistakes, and be okay with it. Been writing longer messages/posts/journals in Japanese since lang8 too. Here's my account: http://lang-8.com/563803 (I actually had 5-6 entries, but I kept a few of them private after getting corrections because my students joined lang8, and I was venting about them a little bit.)

Yeah... I attracted a bit of Japanese English learners...... what I do is this: just trade corrections for corrections, and don't add so many people. I usually only add my friends, and occasionally some super great Japanese English learners who gave me amazing corrections and seemed super approachable and active (in case I have questions). If I'm not getting corrections, I'll go on the live feed, and correct some English posts. Usually, those folks will return the favor as well. And at first, correcting seems really hard to do...but after a while, you get used to it. It helps to know that they WANT the corrections as much as you want corrections. Just always remember to compliment them at the end, because it's always nice to hear a compliment after having your journals red-marked. They really tried their best, and not many people would put so much effort into learning English in Japan!

Long reply concluded: the blog layout looks even more amazing right now!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making the text smaller, and I love the new wignet header fonts!!! So excited~~~

Report | 08/05/2013 8:20 pm


And you definitely have skill! AMAZING skill, I am so blown away right now! I didn't get your PM, but I checked your blogger profile a while back and found the link! Rin it's AMAZING. I absolutely love it already, and can't wait for the finished product! Definitely taking shape, and really suits me! The only suggestion I have is for the post content font to be a little smaller? Because I like to write a lot, I usually have the fonts at 10-11 size. Conflicted about the post title size (I really like it as it is, but I know that my titles will probably be super long, and I want to keep everything on one line), but maybe a little bit smaller? I freaking love everything though!! If I wasn't such a lengthy writer, I would keep it how it is now! For a color scene...asking my opinion may not be a good idea, LOL. You've followed all my blogs, so you probably know by now that my choices in colors are really crap. I'm told that it's a Filipino thing. LOL but I absolutely LOVE the background, and the amazing texture you inserted underneath the main section (the white old paper-like texture!). Rin, I really can't thank you enough, and so excited!!

Snappy quick reply because I only have 4 hours left until my English paper is due!
Free! is very very bishounen, and I try to ignore the fanservice to kick off some of the bishounen super vibe. I don't entirely know if that's the reason I watch it, but it's a really great show and very funny. It kinda appeals to the part of me that was obsessed with the Beyblade anime when I was a kid, and I affectionately label that as the "a group of sporty boys who are border-line obsessed with something silly like spinning tops." I dunno, LOL, but I think that's why I watch it.

Definitely join a college club! (I was in one at my college, but it was more anime than anything and no one spoke conversational Japanese in the slightest. Got a vibe that no one really cared, so I quit.) If there was a good club at my college, I'd apply without hesitation! I'm on lang-8 if you get one, but I really lose inspiration to post anything on there. No idea what to write about mostly. Don't forget about the forums! That's where I get my daily Japanese practice in! Also, haha, I also picked my laptop for Japanese capability reasons LOL. Because I can switch from Japanese and English keyboards through only a button on the keyboard, super convenient. As compared to 3 mouse clicks... lol. And LMAO. "Nude myself bedding" nice google search! I salute you! ROFL.

Report | 08/02/2013 5:08 am


Rin I can't thank you enough if you make me a layout! It means the world to me because my blog is so important to me, but I haven't had much inspiration or drive on it since realizing my layout is just plain horrible. Haha! I know it's silly, but the layout can be quite a mental/physical block in blogging for me! Really! Sent you a private message with some details you asked for, so that I don't spam your comments too much haha!

Yeah, I hope that this is a summer thing only because just about anything I do will occupy my time away from Japanese. It's been this way since summer started! Scared that this will become a habit that's hard to break for when summer is over! That's good that you're using phone apps and Japanese coding guides to keep your Japanese fresh though. Jeez, the only thing I'm doing is occasional forum replies and journals, and then watching that new anime "Free!". This is really really bad for me, haha! I'm not even taking notes anymore like I usually do. Let's hope the forum can kick us into shape! Hahah, but you are much better than I am/was as always!! And touch screens... oh boy. Still getting used to those. Typing replies on my ipod touch is a nightmare sometimes! Haha the best of luck to you!


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