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Cutey Honey604 Report | 03/29/2015 1:28 pm
Cutey Honey604
love the cosplay and i meet the voice acter smile
NaturalDisaster-o- Report | 07/30/2014 3:57 pm
When can I get a reservation with you?
NaturalDisaster-o- Report | 07/28/2014 6:51 pm
love your avi! love the host club! heart heart heart
twitchygirl Report | 06/26/2014 1:22 pm
I just wanted to tell you I love your avatar!~
I also love that you and others have made Host Club avatars. emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

foreveralive101 Report | 06/15/2014 11:13 am
Thank you for your purchase! biggrin
Dane Uzuma Report | 05/21/2014 3:39 pm
Dane Uzuma
-Tamaki's fantasizing stops-
"W-what...DID YOU SAY?!"
-Starts rambling about how they shouldn't be near his daughter-
"Woah..Calm down boss."
-turns to Hikaru and gives him another sneaky signal-
"We only had a little fun with Haruhi in the abandoned bathroom on floor 3"
Dane Uzuma Report | 05/20/2014 7:32 am
Dane Uzuma
-Hikaru sighs-
"Best not find out.."
-an idea crosses Hikarus mind-
"Oh Kaoru"
-turns to Kaoru and places a hand on his shoulder grinning-
"Do you think we should tell the boss about our BEAUTIFUL day with Haruhi?"
-turns to Tamaki awaiting a reaction now leaning on his brothers shoulder-
Dane Uzuma Report | 05/19/2014 3:42 pm
Dane Uzuma
-enters room and walks towards Kaoru overhearing the end of the conversation-
"Hey Kaoru I'm back! What I miss? "
-stares at Tamaki fantasizing-
"What's he so happy about?"
Shadow King Kyouya Report | 05/12/2014 7:57 pm
Shadow King Kyouya
....hmm; I trust that it's nothing too troublesome. -folds arms-
Should I ask what you've came up with?
Dane Uzuma Report | 05/12/2014 6:47 pm
Dane Uzuma
Ah perfect!
I was counting on your help!
Me and Honey-senpai have decided that the next theme will be..
We shall dress up as delicious delights! I'm hoping you can spawn up some ideas for the texture and fabric.
I can already imagine all of us...dressed in sexy yet rather refined sweets style outfits -fantasizes about the idea-

And best of all!

Haruhi will wear a beautiful white dress that will be colored like a strawberry cake!
-twirls around fantasizing about Haruhi in a sexy white dress with strawberrys on the side note-

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About Me and the Host Club

Welcome Princess/Prince's. My Name is Kaoru Hitachiin and I am a Host at Ouran Academy.

I am one half of the Little Devil's type. My twin Hikaru and I have a 'special' connection, that no one understands. It's a twin thing.


There are other hosts too! There is:
1. Tamaki Suoh Our "wise" and "courageous" president

(all in good fun Tono BD )

2. Kyouya Ootori (Vice President)

3. Haruhi Fujioka

4. Mistukuni Haninozuka (Hunny-Senpai)

5. Takashi Morinozuka (Mori-Senpai)

6. And my lovely brother ♥ Hikaru Hitachiin ♥

Well, if you have any questions, you can ask any one of us.

Important Notice

1. As a Host, we should not date. That holds us back from hosting, and from the other lovely ladies who would like to be hosted by us. Please, just stay safe and don't be hurt if you ask. I love talking to you ladies, but things can't get any further than a friendship. Other clientele would be upset or disappointed if one of us were in a relationship.
2. Please comment on my profile if you wish to talk with me, that way it adds to both yours and my own gaian wealth. But it also shows that this profile is still active and running. Also, my inbox fills up quite easily.
Boku wa Kaoru
Boku wa Hikaru