"A negative mind will
never give you a positive life."

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About Me

Alias: Semira Evonette
Age: 24
Residence: New York
Height: 5'2"
Gender: Female
Martial Status: Single

In the end, people will judge you anyway.
Don't live your life impressing others. Live your life impressing yourself.

Adventure. Nature. Animals. Animal rescue. Animal rights. Anime. Manga. Cosplay. Anime conventions. Music. Pain. BDSM. Dominance. Horror and gore. Desserts. Knives. Video games. Plushies. Storms. Confidence. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kandi. Sports. Dancing. Photography. [WWE] The Shield. Ambrollins. Tumblr. Astrology. Visual Kei. Japanese culture. Fashion. Cosmetology. Candles. Fireworks. Cooking. Burlesque, Dita Von Teese. Harley Davidson. Pagan. Witchcraft, and Wiccan. Paranormal. Abandoned and haunted places. Halloween. Psychology. Serial killers. Pinups. Professional wrestling. Health and fitness. Quotes. Positivity. Hippies. Role-play. Yaoi. Yuri. Art. Human rights. Cameos. Culture. Ainu. Hokkaido. Jewelry. Decorations. Cute things. Antiques. Cuddling.

Things I Dislike:
Hunters. Bitches. Immaturity. Abuse. Cigarettes. Drugs. Cheaters. Control freaks. Sexists. Pressure. Trolls. Preconception. Liars. Obnoxiousness. Impatience. Furries. Loneliness. Illiteracy. People who can not handle someone else's opinion. People who complain that I don't reply fast enough, or people who want to talk every single day. Insecurities. People who are way too sensitive.

☑ I have been a member of Gaia since 11/17/2005.
☑ I am an artist. I like to be creative. I write my own poetry, too.
☑ Horo Horo from Shaman King is my favorite anime character.
☑ I have a Dean Ambrose obsession.
☑ I am passionate about nature and animals. It's my dream to save them and help those in need. I believe everyone is equal, and they deserve to live just as much as humans do. Nature is my safe place to fall when times get rough.
☑ I have lived with depression all my life. However, I try my best to stay positive. Being around people all the time can be exhausting, so I do disappear for a few days to get my head on straight. Therefore, if you plan on being friends with me, respect my space or get out.
☑ I may write down how I feel inside, but I have no interest in having a conversation about that depression. I write it down so I don't have to keep talking about it. I just need to get it off my chest and move on.
☑ I am a Switch. (70% submissive. 30% dominant) with a Sadomasochist side.
☑ I like women, and very few guys. I have no interest in dating men. [Unless it's Dean. He's special.]
☑ I am opinionated and blunt. I speak my mind and I am honest about it! It can be misconstrued because I don't always take the time to explain myself. Nevertheless, I do not go around and troll people. What you see is what you get. I do not enjoy debates. Though, I do enjoy intelligent conversations!



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You changed your username

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wait, you like cameos?
eating the rude

Report | 03/04/2015 7:59 pm

eating the rude

Sorry for replying so late to your comment! D:

My cat is a mixed Tabby. smile

Dean was the only one I met that day, the Bellas, Roman, and the Dust brothers were also there. I already met the Bellas and I would of loved to have met Star and Gold but the tickets were already really expensive. sad

Same feelings here smile Even though wrestling always cheers me up, it's when Dean comes on and turns the fire on.

Clean snow is so lovely, I also like it when it snows because the sky is all white. I'd like to go to the St. Pattys parade in Manhattan one day, along with the Halloween one. We got more snow the other day. Last night mom took me to the doctor and we were putt putting down the icy roads. It turned to freezing rain.

Lol, don't worry about the terrible pic, I just hope I can get another photo with him.

Hope you are good. heart
eating the rude

Report | 02/27/2015 12:50 am

eating the rude

http://dritydeeds.tumblr.com/post/112182855183 dis adorable goof heart
eating the rude

Report | 02/22/2015 1:07 am

eating the rude

I wish mom would read, she says it just makes her tired. :c

My cat got tired of waiting for me so she decided to lay on the blankie with me. heart

It's no problem, feel free to spam the comment box away. :3

I do still get starstruck every time I met a wrestler espically with Dean I was like AHHH! the whole time waiting.

He is pure electric whenever his theme starts up, the crowd goes wild, he's amazing in that ring.. No one else seems to give me that amazing feeling of energy that he does. It's like thunder and lighting, a roller coaster.

I think the people who bought the VIP tickets got a little time to talk with the talent.

I LOVE taking photos for memories. Even though it came out terrible, I still hope down the road I can find someone good with Photoshop to maybe clean it up a bit.

I'm heading to bed, goodnight new friend whee Hope you don't get snowed it - I think we got about two inches from last night into the early morning today.
eating the rude

Report | 02/22/2015 12:21 am

eating the rude

OH, I completely forgot to reply to your comment ; o

I HAD to buy a ticket to meet Dean at last year's Ringside Fest. My best friend and I went the year earlier to meet Daniel Bryan, Kaitlyn, and AJ. The lines were slow but at least I had her to talk to. This one was terrible, it was pouring rain out and she couldn't come -x-

I was really, really, nervous. I really had no idea what to say. Sooo, it was my time to go up, the assistant person gives him my photo to sign and he looks up and all I could say was 'hey'. He heyed me back, signed the photo, and when it was time for the pic together, I asked him if he mind I put my arm around him. ;x; It was hard to hear with all the people stuffed in one room but I hear him say 'go ahead, you'll never know what you'll check from me'. XD I read he told another girl to watch out that he might have fleas. Dean, you adorable little s**t. mad

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I hate our photo ;x; I look like crap as it is but + being rained on and I didn't even get a darned chance to put my things and stupid umbrella down before the pic.

I said thankkk youuuu sooo mucchh and he said I was welcome and it was nice meeting me. xd
eating the rude

Report | 02/22/2015 12:09 am

eating the rude

No problem, take away. whee

I can't even remember what mom would do at home before Facebook o.O (after getting home from work, I mean)

I'm probably going to head to bed soon, my cat is crying for me to get up to my room.
eating the rude

Report | 02/21/2015 11:50 pm

eating the rude

emotion_kirakira emotion_hug

I've been meaning to update it but the lazy life.

Once my mom gets home from work, she plays her Facebook games until dinner and then until she goes to bed. She says it's her way of relaxing. lol

I use wrestlingfigs.com for all the signings and appearances updates. : ] You probably live upstate? Everyone from NY I meet does. emo
eating the rude

Report | 02/21/2015 9:27 pm

eating the rude

Truee, but by the time she is done with it at night, I'm basically falling asleep. ;c

Omfg, THIIISSS, this thiss heart Be still my shipper heart~

Have you seen the videos of them with their feud in FCW? emotion_bigheart

I miss when Dean used to grab his opponents and and yell at em, 'yeah, you like that?!' emotion_dowant emotion_dowant emotion_c8

I'mma creeper and I noticed you mentioned Sami in your status (Solomon Crowe ) : o SWITCHBLADE CONSPIRACY V2, YES PLZ exclaim I need to catch up soo much on NXT, I also think my DVR didn't record Smackdown! last night. FUUU.

I live outside Manhattan, do you ever go to any of the autographing or meet and greets? I try to go as many as I can, I met Dean last year at Ringside Fest. I'm going in on the seventh for the Big Event Wrestling Expo (all autographing and meet and greets), and then to a all women's wrestling show afterwards. emotion_dowant
eating the rude

Report | 02/21/2015 6:24 pm

eating the rude

Thank you, thank you redface emotion_kirakira I reallyy need to update my Tumblrs but I loathe the Tumble app on my Kindle tablet. :c My mom's lap top died do she uses mine all day for her Facebook games. Grrr.

Ambrollins.. emotion_omnomnom emotion_drool emotion_drool

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Dean confirming what I knew already, he jelly Seth got a new daddy dom. 😂 Always bless the Ambrollins fanfics but can't get enough of top Dean emotion_c8

I live in NY too : o


"You never have to prove your worth to anyone.
Other people's ignorance isn't your responsibility."
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"If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up, it dies, and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation."