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Gender: Female

Location: IL

Birthday: 12/14


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Her name is Samantha, but prefers being called by Sam.
She answers to Sam more often also. She has adopted the name.
She IS 24.
Engaged to her man that has been by her side since 2008.

Some people call herself in every way for dressing in her favorite tone and for being into interest . You can stereotype her whatever, but generally she is just not your normal person..but what is normal?
Lets say she is classed as one of the the weird and whacked ones in town?

She is said to be very kind and self opinionated.She's known to be a listening (Likes to listen) problem box and likes to fix them at a point. She easily gets amused, just give her a cube box and she'll work on it til the end of the day.
She would like you to know that she is proud of her sexuality and figure.
She has a variety of friends, which 'most' of them have amazingly learnt to get along with each other and is always open for more. Shes anime friendly and gamer friendly because most of her interests surrounds that. Following with drawing and creativity. Hrm, health wise..... Around when she was in 3rd grade she became a diabetic type 1. Yes, that means she takes shots to keep herself healthy. No she doesn't have end eating sugar just watch her intake.

Coming soon she will have dvart account and a art shop soon!
More things about her:
Her eyes change colours,
ranging in the colours of blue/green.
She is a party animal and haven't yet said no in being the one for holding the party.
The sight of the space fascinates her a great deal. Her favorite sport is fencing.

Her likes:
art, boots, barbie, concerts, crayons, dance, ddr . fairies, glitter, gore, hello kitty, orange, pinky and the brain, rain, rainbows, games, slight toughness, scars, sequins, talking, synthetic hair, sugar, thrift stores, nice lil comments about me, vinyl r, zombies, cast metal art,Fencing , animals.
Many more things

Her dislikes:
Living near Skanks, Rapists, Homophobics, Gate Crashers , WhEn PeOpLe WrItE lIkE tHiS!! , George Bush, John Howard , Sport that involves moving alot, People say they love blood...b***h please, I poke myself four times a day and two shots and never get tired of looking at it, Being left alone time to time,Being the second then first to date (The best vs. ugly). Judgmental people, Plus alot more...that when mentioned will remember. Wait... what? She remembered all that so far? o. o''

Her Favorite music:
45 grave,
,a global threat
, Ani DiFranco
,a perfect circle
,apoptygma berzerk
,arch enemy
,assemblage 23
,bella morte
,Benny benassi
,bif naked
,bleeding through
,bloodhound gang
,bone thugs and harmony
,canable corpse
,christian death
,cinema strange
,c**t 45
,corporate avenger
,dark lotus [old]
,David bowie
,dead by 28
,dead can dance
,dirty Sanchez
,Fiona apple
,hanzel und gretyl
,Hollywood undead
,house of krazees
,inkubus sukkubus.
, ICP [old]
, J Rock
, jack off Jill
, Johnny cash
,lords of acid
,Marilyn Manson
,MC Chris
,Meat beat manefesto
,mindless self indulgence
,my ruin
,nine inch nails
,orgy otep
,peter and the test tube babies
,powerman 5000
,psyclon nine
,q strange
,queen adreena
,razed in black
,rise against
,Rob zombie
,sex gang children
,shy one
,siouxsie and the banshees
,skinny puppy
,stitch mouth
,suicide commando
,switchblade symphony
,tapping the vein
,tech n9ne
,theater of tragedy
,the birthday massacre
,the casualties
,the cruxshadows
,the cure
,the distillers
,the germs
,three six mafia
,Tori Amos
,trixy doll
,type o negative
,velvet acid Christ
,veruca salt
,wu tang clan
,zug island

Remember, Juju like dancy songs too or anything jamming. >3


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SweetTea23 Report | 07/24/2014 11:34 pm
Cool Avi
Malthusian Devil Report | 01/07/2014 10:24 pm
Malthusian Devil
Whose a cutie.... You's a cutie!
scumming Report | 08/18/2013 1:54 pm
Your gaia name is Juju and you love Fairytale...
You make me think of my friend Juju.


" Strange you say?!"
Come play Neverwinter with me.In Dragon server. PM for details
This lady got a ring put on her finger, don't even!



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