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What I'm up to...what I'm planning...all that sort of shtuff.

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About name is Jack. Jack A. Lope to be specific, but folk call me Jack or Jacky or Jackie...or whatever else you'd like to call me. The more names the better, as they say. But Jbby is off-limits--only my Lonzi can call me that.

I'm a costume designer in-training and currently am semi-apprenticed to a local costumer. :] I'm very much still learning, but I feel like I'm making quite a bit of progress and hope to be doing more fun things soon!
Aside from sewing for the local theater companies, I also am beginning to really get into cosplay. I've known about it and gone to several cons over the years, but I've never had enough time/confidence to make something really fabulous for myself...and wear it. xD; I can't tell ya how many times I get something started and then chicken out when it gets close to time! I'mjustsuchasheepishnerdatheart.
This year, however, I've set my heels in and am working on Penelope Spectra from Danny Phantom. I also have plans to do Scootaloo from MLP: FIM(my two bestest buddies are joining me as Sweetie Bell and Applebloom!) sometime closer to the end of the year.

A few years ago I competed in the Jumpers--a form of show jumping with lower jumps and based more on timing--and am beginning to get back in shape to do it again. I own two horses, my jumper Jo-Jo and my baby draft Little John. I also own three cats(unfortunately they live with my mom as my apartment only allows one pet other than fish), two pet rats(Korosa and Mellie), a dutch-shepherd-lab(Lal Mirch) three betta fish(Thor, Beowulf, and Magneto), an empty 20gal, and a 9gal biube stocked with zebra danios, rainbow tetra, a tadpole-shaped Oto, four kuhli loaches and about fifty bajillion snails.
I love fish keeping and have plans to stock my 20gal as well as another 2.5gal, and want an above-ground outside pond as well! biggrin But aside from fish, I love plants too. x3
My grandmother and I have just finished planting my backyard--partially anyways--with various dianthus, columbine, some big purple flowers I can't spell the name of, elephant ear plants, several other big-leafed plants, a candy corn plant(great name for a trailing plant, huh?) and a big hibiscus! biggrin I also have two strawberry plants and a tomato plant hanging on my porch. ;]

I love to read and have several bookshelves absolutely packed with books. I have everything from fantasy to science fiction to how-to books, and an ever-growing collection of my favorite manga as well. I also collect movies and probably have close to a hundred fifty in all. :] I especially love Mel Brooks movies. *3*
I'm a beginning comic book nerd and read when I can. :] I'm definitely a Marvel girl and don't read any DC. xD; My favorites are Deadpool, X-men, Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America. I want to start reading Ghost Rider as well, but haven't gotten around to it. Oh! And anything related to Alien vs Predator? I either own it, want it, or love it. ;D Predators ftw y'all.

Just to add to my nerdiness, my favorite tv shows are Hogan's Heroes, Doctor Who, Torchwood, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Say Yes to the Dress and anything about dinosaurs.
Not quite relevant but still awesome, I'm obsessed with Pokemon
Especially the oldschool Pokemon manga. That thing is awesome.

Despite my total nerd vibe, however, I'm also true-blue country girl. I can shoot a rifle well enough to rival most men and have several beautiful bucks under my buck. I love to fish and can clean them on my own...even if I'd rather make someone else do it. In contrast I'm never afraid to skin a buck and have done a field dressing or two in my time. ;P My life's made complete by my grandparents' beautiful land and the fourwheeler they've given me full reign over. I've covered more miles on that land than a railroad across the country! ;D
Oh and don't mind my southern slang; its only hard to understand me when I'm tired or so excited that I've gone through a Russian, German, Spanish, and English accent first.

That's me! Jack. A. Lope. ;] Your resident hare with horns.




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