I move the stars for no one


o5' gaian

Hey, guys. Its Jordan.

I like books, Star Trek, Hannibal, cats, super heroes, writing, and refurbishing furniture.
And smashing the patriarchy

video games are pretty cool
ok really cool
my xbox gamertag is Ravenstagging so hmu
[but tell me who you are first, s**t son]


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"But who prays for Satan?"

see you at the bitter end



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Spaztic Krissy Report | 07/14/2014 8:40 pm
Spaztic Krissy
It's true hehe, I was like "OMG SO GORGEOUS!"
Spaztic Krissy Report | 07/14/2014 7:51 pm
Spaztic Krissy
You are amazingly gorgeous! I was being nosey to see if you had a pic. heart redface
Faolan Grey Report | 07/10/2014 1:08 am
Faolan Grey
/pokes your butt/ emotion_dowant
S H l N l N Report | 07/04/2014 7:00 pm
S H l N l N
What did they say u did?
S H l N l N Report | 07/04/2014 8:12 am
S H l N l N
what do u mean mini ban?
BuckyStars Report | 06/23/2014 9:08 pm
          Well that sounds nice. redface
          I'm sitting here, trying to write stuff, and failing at it. emotion_awesome
          Because that's normal for me.

          Also. Ew. Homework. gonk
BuckyStars Report | 06/23/2014 8:57 pm
          haaaaay bby emotion_kirakira
          How are you?
BuckyStars Report | 06/23/2014 7:28 pm
          emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Oklahomo Report | 06/20/2014 10:22 pm
ofc not
but how cool would it be to become canon by marrying tho ? ? ?
Oklahomo Report | 06/20/2014 10:15 pm
ok but before this can go any further
i just want u to know that
we have to marry before we can hold hands

background painting - The Forgotten Gods - Yoann Lossel