Call me Juniper. (or June, Juni, any variation thereof)

I spend my life gaming, mingling, playing piano, reading, RPing, running, singing, sleeping, teaching, working, & writing.
(just like everyone else)

I like anime, books, console games, dancing, dragons, forests, Gaia, graphic design, hiking, individuality, interaction/reaction, language, music, mythology (especially Greek mythology and Irish folklore), the natural world, observation, photo manipulation, presence, RP, traveling, tricking, words, & writings.
(just like you?)

As far as Gaia goes - someday I'd like to be one of those bum-wealthy vagrants sitting languidly in a fishing hole donating fishing rods and the like to people, maybe even to n00blets. But for now I play the waif, albeit a cultured one.

This is my favorite fishing spot:

I enjoy fishing to pass the time. It's my favorite thing to do on Gaia. PM me if you're ever in the neighborhood.

I live at 66Barton002962. My home, however, isn't very decorative pro tem. It needs some of my poker-faced premeditation for its embellishment program. But, as I always say, Gaia is the home of lackadaisical ambition.

Sun beams slanted down, revolutionizing the bare, brown earth into a dappled pathway only impressed upon by the stirring of a faint, amiable breeze. She slipped stealthily through the trees, spectral but somehow entirely lucid. One pale hand beckoned outwards to caress each tree that she passed as she familiarized herself with the great, beating Mother through each texture. "Juniper knows I'm here. Like a hawk who's found its prey, she knows." The lips had opened to a speculative utter, the feet had continued to shift in their sole, furtive fashion. With spades of nimbleness, the dryad came to the forest's border and rested her head against sepia bark, sinking into pearly reverie. And there her pale eyes beheld the world: landscapes of viridian vales, dusky clouds, rustic towns, and a carrot-skin sun.

There, her pale eyes beheld the world.

I'm a roleplayer who has a miserable time with forum RPs. Generally, I don't like the way they operate - but if you know of any that might appeal to me, feel free to contact me. Also, I wouldn't mind a one-on-one via PM. Just throw me a line (well...several, actually; I para-, semi-, and multi-). I roleplay a dryad and only a dryad (one and only original char), so fix the setting!

I'm not much fond of posting in general forums. When I post, it's in the privacy of guilds. FYI.


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Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 6:03 pm

Opus Eponymous

Oh that's true. I just thought with the bright light problem that it was a migraine, or perhaps a prelude. Regardless, I hope it's just a headache or the such.

Ah heart Sounds very Juni-like, awesome! LOKTAR! FORTHEHORDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! scream Original name though *le fake shock*

YEAH! Early weekend indeed blaugh WOOP WOOP cool rofl rofl Yeah, I wanna make some stuff for Ben and Jaana anywho, so the creativity is there. I also want to pop into the world of Mr.Groth too cool

That would be very nice v___v I'd rather not have to take medication for a period of time, or if its like my dad, for the rest of my life. I apologize for that night, when I said I felt so empty and such. I didn't mean for it to sound so helpless and barren. I feel great normally, but when I get bombarded with crap, I just feel broken so much. BUT YEAH. I HOPE THA PRESSURE IS GROOT. ALL GROOT. ^___^

It was violent, that was for sure. Woke up feeling uncomfortable too, but it was odd more than anything.

I adore getting league gifts gonk Latest is an Ultimate skin (Usually it's an extreme overall of abilities, visuals, sounds etc etc). This one is Dj Sona. It's absolutely amazing. You can toggle between the 3 skins in game. Each have unique sounds, visuals and everything else. On top of that, Riot got a bunch of people in to do music for them. There's over 3 hours of music for the skin and it adapts to your playstyle and abilities. It's really damn cool.

cry Poor Juni, I really hope you feel better by tomorrow and that you manage to get some sleep. Please take care and have a really good night and day tomorrow. I'l be around on Skype if ya chat throughout yer day or such.

Take care for now and sleep well. *massive hugs* Love ya loads heart
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 5:16 pm

Opus Eponymous

Really o.o That sounds like migraine symptoms to me. Eyesight is defo okay, from what you've told and what you know, but that sounds like a migraine. HOPEFULLY that's all and not anything wrong with your eyesight neutral I HATE WHEN JUNI GETS PLAGUED LIKE THIS crying LEAVE JUNI ALONE HEADACHES/ILLNESSES scream

Excellent! Chill until you are mellow as wooooooooooooooooooooooooot cool ENJOYABLE NIGHT FOR YA ^_______^

Yeah, now that you mention it rofl Cause if I did, I'd have to go in, wait til 11 and then go home @ 12 >_____> NO POINT IN THAT MAN.

Likewise ;_________; I'l be going back to get my blood pressure checked out again in a few weeks. rolleyes Yeah, ikr. I actually had a bad/odd dream the other night, can't even describe it. Was really odd.

Excuse the delays. Was trying out a new skin in league. Y'up to much, good lady 3nodding ?
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 4:01 pm

Opus Eponymous


I'm glad that it's fine now, but man, that absolutely sucks neutral Seriously sucks. Really glad it's fine now though.

cry Juni, that's awful. I'm sorry that you had to be thrown into that once again. I know, its your body, but sucks massively when it happens. As long as you're okay now and doing well, I'm extremely happy. Very much so ^____^! GOOD! A GOOD JUNI MAKES THE OPUS HAPPY.

It did! All good 3nodding One class tomorrow which I'l skip and chill at home. Drawing is a meh class. Oh, totally good 3nodding No pain since the 3 days of painkillers. Must have strained it in my sleep or something whee

Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 3:39 pm

Opus Eponymous

;_____________________; Thank you very much Juni. Really. You are just as amazing and continue to be as such. Very lucky to have you in my life crying

GOOD. Very glad to hear. How's the head holding up? How has your day been?
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 3:09 pm

Opus Eponymous

sad Minus the fact you're an amazing friend, you do these things all the time. You rock Juni crying

*mad huggles* I hope you're well.
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/25/2015 7:27 am

Opus Eponymous

>Gets in from college early SINCE OUR PS TEACHER WASN'T IN*
>Heads to bed to get a nap
>Wake up feeling totally refreshed
>Pop on PC to check things
> "You have two unread messages"
> Huh?
> "You've received a special gift from Blue Juniper"
> Oh sweet! Hopefully these magically boxes don't contain another coon tail!
> -Ancient Katana-
> .......................................
> Opens second in a daze
> -Ancient Katana-
> You wot m8

JUNI crying I................................THESE............................YOUVE ALREADY GIVEN ME TOO MUCH ON HERE.................... crying
*massive huggles* heart
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/24/2015 6:42 pm

Opus Eponymous

GOOD! That's awesome to hear ^________^ PROGRESS! Wooooooooooooooo! HS MUSIC IS THA SHIIIIIIIIT! Ah, awesome, awesome 3nodding Enjoy HS! Hope ya kick a** cool

rofl rofl rofl rofl You and me alike. I say s**t to NPC's all the time......HECK I JUST MADE A PROJECT ON IT.

redface Well, thank you, Juni. I just DUNNO MAN redface I guess its how you feel about your RP posts. They are fantastic, but you personally feel that there's something missing. That's how I feel with my PS stuff. Regardless, thank you ever so much for the support, it means a lot crying

^_________________^ Well you are certainly a fantastic and beautiful person. The most beautiful person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and seeing ^____________^

Right now, I'm going to get some sleep. I can finish the write up in class tomorrow 3nodding Most important thing was the main project itself, everything else is eassssssssy.

Goodnight and take care, Juni. Enjoy HS and I hope you feel better and 100% SOON! TAKE CARE

Love ya heart
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/24/2015 6:16 pm

Opus Eponymous

Hopefully it doesn't cause you too much pain til then sad I really hope you have a pain free sleep. Just a pain free night! Really? Jeez, Juni. I know it was brief, but still sad I really wish the best for you, I really do. Please take care heart

Yes! I was going to make it extremely serious at first, but I thought about throwing some humour in there. Bethesda-ish in a way P:
Thanks a bunch for the feedback and support, I really appreciate it massively, thank you heart YOU ROCK JUNI.

Have I told you how amazing you are lately? Or how lovely and beautiful? No? WELL YOU ARE. TRULY heart
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/24/2015 5:55 pm

Opus Eponymous

D: You should go rest then, Juni. Get some sleep and hopefully it will subside. You've been getting a lot of headaches recently, I've noticed.

Nope, you're correct. I have 3 versions, I must have sent the second version and not the final. The final version I have a solid BG for it. Thanks for the heads up ^_^

Yeah! The stone texture was a close up of a wall I did, repeated and smooth'd out. Rest is a lot of cropping/pasting/erasing etc.

Thank ya ^^ It was fun to make.
Opus Eponymous

Report | 02/24/2015 5:35 pm

Opus Eponymous

Naaaaaaaah, you're not at all ^__________^ Even if you were, it'd be the best and loveliest distraction 4laugh You would NEVER be a hindrance to me. You're too amazing and precious to be ^________^

Cooooooolest of beans ninja Going to vend? Fish? Vend the fish? Fish the vend? dramallama

Here's the final piece. 50+ Layers, 14MB when compressed/saved to JPEG, Project file is almost 300MB x_x

Here's the original base image, that I took last year in the countryside


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