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Awkward Stalker Report | 12/06/2013 2:03 am
Awkward Stalker
Helllooo.. Do I know youu? surprised
Queen forever more23 Report | 06/16/2013 11:47 am
Queen forever more23
thank you! X)

Fat High Unicorn

i put anything that came to my mind
but welcome to my random profile
i hope you have a very awesome
weird wonderful day
um i don't know what else to say
umm have a wonderful summer?
um yeah so hows it going? im sorry
if my weirdness scares you i'm just really
really bored but look at batman
hes riding a unicorn how awesome is that
no okay ummm yeah i wonder how many
people would actully read this if you
actully took the time to read this PM me
or comment telling me what you thought
of it i guess okay bye