Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's special is a human heart.
Such an oddity it maybe, but it feels such love and hate. And it comes in different flavors too, such as:
Ice cold
and much more.

So please, do take a seat and let the feast begin. . . . . .

I do art.


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My randome stuff.

I'm sure no one cares for this, so. . . .whatever.



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xd Oh man, I can't believe that was the reason. Well, it's working now so we are all good. Thanks. ^__^

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Gah! Still nothing but asterisks. I wonder what is causing this! Is there a swear word or something in the url that is making gaia blot it out?
LawlessE n i g m a

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LawlessE n i g m a

Happy Burff-day, Stonie! emotion_bigheart

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I wanted to say thank you for purchasing Astra: Lucky Clover Confetti from my shop.
I hope that you enjoy your Astra: Lucky Clover Confetti!
Please do come visit again. :3

H3artless Bunni3

Report | 03/15/2015 8:55 pm

H3artless Bunni3

I saw you in the role-playing forums. Creepy I know. But I'm here trying to ask people to give my roleplay a look see smile even a heart would help. I'm happy to return the favor and I'm looking for feed back. Thanks a lot! click me for zombie roleplay

Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

Report | 03/07/2015 6:08 pm

Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

I know the feeling, to be honest. I love to game, either on my 3DS, or PS4.
Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

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Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

Thank you. I just might take you up on that. It's about an ex though, so...dunno if you're cool with that.


I know that feeling. I'm waiting for ESO to go B2P, then I'm gonna redownload it, and start playing again.
Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

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Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

12 years here. And if you ever need to talk, I'm here okay?

I love roleplaying, especially now, helps me forget. So does gaming.
Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

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Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

Oh, you're a roleplayer too? And I'm...I don't even know. I'm depressed, but okay too, sad, but happy so...I'm a mess?
Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

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Dragon Blood Shuyin IV

Hello. How're you?


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