RKO-316 (The Texas Viper)


Hey! I am Sapphy, Aka Sapphire.
I am half Werewolf and Vampire.
I am Funny, Crazy, Weird, bit of a Freak.
I can make anyone feel better ^^
My favorite color is Blue, I also like Red, Black and Green!
I am a bit on the evil side.
I like the Emo/Goth look.
I really love Dragons, Skulls and Blood.

ima also a 27yr old Canadian Gamer Girl! =P
i am always on psn, feel free to add me! =)

if you are lost on the whole RKO-316 thing.. its a mix between Randy Orton and Stone Cold Steve Austin.. my favorite WWE Superstars =)

here I will have my Links ^^

My Deviant Art
click here!

my Pet Shop/Art Shop.
.click here!
still working on my shop tho ><

My Stamps ^^ I made them all.


my Questing Item.

Dream avatar!


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I am sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that she starts doing better soon.
Ver Versera

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Ver Versera

Leeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it's been oh so long crying
How are you? i'm getting married this 25th May heart
Let me know what i've been missing K?
Katie Obsei

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Katie Obsei

Hello, you have an adorable avi. I saw on your pro how it says you are half werewolf and vampire. Are you just playing an online thing? Or do you actually believe in that sort of thing? I am aware of the things that exist that people say are make believe, pathetic. I would be labeled crazy for having the beliefs I do biggrin
l Kaosu l

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l Kaosu l

Hey! blaugh

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Haha a fellow Canadian eh? I cant stand the states either...such an ignorant people! xp

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Its all good bro...you should try to be more Active in RocNation we need the Active Members! Get paid to post? Aint nothin wrong with that! cool

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Come post in RocNation nD win 500g each post for 24 hours! We need more Active Members! PM the GuildMaster "Sir_rocsalot" for your prize nD tell em' -_5uWo0_- sent ya!

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sweet avi you got there! ^_-


Leesh/Sapphire "Sapphy"
pokemon Friend Codes
IGN: Leesh
Y: 5043-3213-6295
(Ice Safari: Piloswine, Spheal, Sneasel)
Black: 3310-3958-0858 W2: 5244-0028- 3431

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PSN =DarkLeesh

addicted to Smosh and Smosh Games