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Hey all!

I'm Bloodbeauty. You can just call me Blood or Bloody. My passions are volleyball, art, paintball and parties. And my purpose here on Gaia is ROLE PLAYING...Well...And making some friends on the side. My name may sound kinda scary but I can guarantee I don't bite. Shoot me a PM if you feel like role playing or just being friends. I love conversation and I am so close to my Gaia friends. Above are some of my favorite role playing partners and fairly good friends. If you're looking for others besides me I'd reference any one of them on the spot. Thanks for visiting my page!



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Yuiki Kiryu Report | 06/02/2015 2:26 pm
Yuiki Kiryu
*spreads birthday wishes everywhere on your being*
Whenever you get this, Yeah. It's you're birthday.
Love ya, my dear old frand.
MonsterellaMarmalade Report | 11/28/2014 3:43 am
Hey! Sorry I've been on the Hiatus for the month, but I'm back! Well... backish at least! And I missed you! How've you been? How goes Volleyball and how was your thanksgiving, basically all the details, I need them. heart Talk soon and hope you're well! 3nodding emotion_brofist emotion_bigheart Monster!
ShadyoFayx Report | 10/02/2014 12:30 pm
Hey girl, miss you and your awesome words
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 3:25 pm
Thanks. Natsu is my favorite character. I ALWAYS canon rp as him! And the color is red that fades up to orange. It's where Natsu's is even. All of my friends saw that I AM Natsu because we have the same personality.
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 12:36 pm
That's so cute! I bet that's really special to you and your mom. On the other forearm, it's a quill with a music note on the stem (to match the other tattoo) with orange coloring in the middle. I am a novelist and roleplayer so it fits.

The other tattoo is on my chest. It's a heart with wings that make an circle at the top of the circle is a diamond. In the middle it says "Heart Strong" I had heart surgery when I was little, and it's in honor of that. I used to go to a camp for heart patience and our motto was "Heart Strong." The diamond and wings are in honor of my best friend that had passed away (she too was a heart patient). She had a diamond tattoo on her chest.

The fourth tattoo is a silly one; it's the logo of my favorite Anime: Fairy Tail. It's on my right shoulder.
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 12:04 pm
That's a really good idea! I should tell some of my friends that. If you can't live with the same idea for a tattoo for year; then you can't have it for a lifetime. The meaning behind my first tattoo was that my spirit animal is the Wolf and they are my favorite animal as well. So I got the wolf and the music note is because I am a singer, so the wolf howling was like me singing.

I have three other tattoos as well. Like I said...addicting xD
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 11:25 am
My first is on my right forearm. It's of a wolf howling with a crescent moon behind it and a music note below it. I love tattoos. The ink is addicting in my opinion.
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 11:20 am
Awesome! Congrats :3 I remember I was super excited when I got my first tattoo :3 Is this your first?
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 10:47 am
Sweet! What did you get? And where did you get it?
ShadyoFayx Report | 07/28/2014 10:33 am
ShadyoFayx got a tattoo, I am hearing(well...reading)?


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