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About me

Hi there~

I hate writing about myself, so I'll just give you some basics, and maybe some interests of mine, okay? Okay, great.

I'm pretty laid back and quiet. I can be a cynical a** at times, but I'm usually nice and happy 99% of the time. ... 93% of the time... Maybe... I don't know...
My sense of humor can be really sarcastic and weird, and may(?) come off as mean sometimes, so try not to be offended when I'm joking around with you~
I also use emotes. A lot. But not in my "about me", strangely...

Some things I like doing are drawing, listening to music and playing piano, playing video games (mostly MH3U, as of late), and watching "Let's Plays" and comedic game reviews (like JonTron and ProJared), among other things.
My biggest interest would have to be art, though. It's fabulous, and I would love to be (at least) a somewhat-decent artist someday.

I don't have much else I feel needs saying about myself, so if you want to talk, go for it. Just leave me a PM, or profile comment, or whatever.

So... That's all. Take it easy. smilies/icon_heart.gif

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