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I'm an Irish lady in her early-mid twenties. WG forum is my gaia home.
I am having far more fun in my twenties than my teens. This is awesome.
Just a few of the things I like are Sherlock, Pokemon, History, Reading fantasy fiction, Jane Austen, Dogs, Acting the maggot, Travelling, Meeting people, Doctor Who, Dancing like a fool, Drinking and embarassing myself.

I dig up dead people. And make sure old buildings remain where they are. Go me.

Want to know more? Comment. Or message. Or be a coward and don't.

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~Zero_Angel and Zero_Demon--my older twin brothers O_o
~Ace2009--My Birth twin smilies/icon_surprised.gif
~Harry--My adorable husband,we have conditions! smilies/icon_heart.gif
~[pikeru]--my lovely wife smilies/icon_heart.gif
~Frontier Physiatrist--My male clone O_O
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~Hideous Monster Face--My distant cousin ^_^
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Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 2:58 pm
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Well, when you put it that way. xD
But in the drama it's not shown like that at all, it's all kind of the opposite.
So you understand why I like him from the start.

The mafia dude... I was sad about him. He's rarely shown. He's like the least important of the four.
I feel they could've exploited his character a bit more than what they actually did.
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 2:40 pm
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
yeah, but on the boat part you can expect it because he didn't have feelings for her at the time, he was simply being nice.
But then his feelings grow, it's expected.
Not like the other one who, as you said, was a huge bully to her and then arrogantly assumed she must like him because why else would she act the way she's acting.
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 2:25 pm
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I just really liked him, idk.
I don't care about anything.
I wanted him to be with her because he was nice to her from the start. :C

And done! It's a date!
I'll watch up to episode 9 then. xD
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 2:06 pm
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I liked the violinist's smile. That man was... a blessing.
And I know 6'1" isn't that tall, but when you're 5'2", everything's tall to you. xD

And yes, I can definitely reach episode 10 by Saturday.
But okay, are we gonna watch episode 10 together, or are we each gonna watch up until episode 10 and watch 11 together?
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:51 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I'll be here.
If I take a while to reply then I'm probably exercising as well. xD
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:40 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I personally like how tall he is. tall guys are yesssssssss. * ^*
And sure, we could reach an episode for the weekend! I'm gonna start episode 4 now, so hmmmm
I dunno, you pick an episode! I can catch up on Friday since I'm free on Friday. xD
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:32 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Omg we shoudl totally do a watching date someday! I'd have to catch up to you, though since you're ahead of me.
And he changed his nose? I didn't know. :C
But es, his freaking smile is beautiful. * ^*
But I also miss the curls. xD
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:19 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I'm in love with Lee Min-ho, okay, thanks. xD
I haven't watched any episodes since Saturday, though. :C
I need to get on that!
I'm lucky enough to have them on Netflix. xD
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:11 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
I finished Boys Over Flowers in two days.
And I'm currently on City Hunter. xD
I'm on episode 4, so no spoils pls. ouo
No recommendations yet, I haven't gotten too into them yet.
My friend told me to watch Secret Garden, though. o:
Jar Full of Painkillers Report | 02/10/2015 11:01 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Gurl! I was literally just talking about you, you and your timing!
Also, thanks for the cutie comment about my avi. ; u;
And I read your status and yes, k drama is rather addicting. I watched two this past week and I'm currently smack in the middle of a third one. xD


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