About Me

Hello! ^^

I'm a 23 year old programmer from Texas. I study Software Engineering at UT Dallas.
Graduating: May 2017~

My specialties involve C plus plus, C#, Java EE, SQL, encryption, digital forensics, and video game design.
If anyone wants to make video games, I'd love to help!!

I'm also a straight guy with a female avatar. I'M SO SORRY FOR DISAPPOINTING ANYONE!!
I like making cute avatars very much~

My interests include Vocaloids, anime, manga, video games, programming, and cooking.

-Anime Currently Watching
Sweetness and Lightning
[This season]
Anime List

-Games Currently Playing
Pokemon Sun
Ocarina of Time
Tales of Zestiria

Skype: Bleu_flame12
Line: Bleu_flame
Kik: Bleu_flame
3DS: ???? I forgot the FC
Wii U: Bleu_flame12

No random friend requests,
but I enjoy random PMs! ^^

And making new friends~

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Wildfire - Circrush (CircusP + Crusher)


Each Challeger that beats me gets an egg for a randon pokemon that you dont care about... some of the pokemon include Spiritomb, Eevee, and Cyndaquil. To get a Prize you will have to win in a lv 10-20, lv 20-30, lv 30-40, lv 40-50, or a lv 50-60.And it mu