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I don't like doing lists, but people seem to like that. 8l

Skype: bleuflame12
Feel free to add me, but please explain who you are. c:

*I'm a 21 year old guy majoring in Software Engineering at UT Dallas. I have a female avatar because I enjoy making cute avatars and items on Gaia tend to favor female bases. Also, it's fun. xD Not trying to be creepy at all.

*I enjoy Anime, Manga, Vocaloids, and video games.

*Anime currently watching: Assassination Classroom. Watched list

*I like playing video games, but I don't play very often. I have a 360, 3DS, Wii U, and Steam.

*Currently I'm playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, and a few other games on Steam. c:

*3DS FC: 2423-3731-2611 Send me a PM with yours.
Wii U: PM me. I forgot. Too lazy to walk across the room and check.

*Umbreon is one of my favorite Pokemon.

*Rum raisin ice cream is good. Ben and Jerry's too.


(Not sure what else to say. PM me if you want to ask questions!)

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"Dance of the Dead" - Kikuo (Miku)


Each Challeger that beats me gets an egg for a randon pokemon that you dont care about... some of the pokemon include Spiritomb, Eevee, and Cyndaquil. To get a Prize you will have to win in a lv 10-20, lv 20-30, lv 30-40, lv 40-50, or a lv 50-60.And it mu