I'm a violinist, photographer, writer, actress, lover, and spaz.
Anime; Death Note and Black Butler
BANDS; BMTH, SWS, SS, PTV, Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada, Ivy and Gold, Asking Alexandria, and a crap load of other music.
I'm probably considered to be very opinionated, but I love talking to new people. In other words, SEND ME A PM because I'm super friendly.
I suppose I'm probably a little creepy at times, but my closest friends don't mind it.
Horror movies are my addiction and I live for them.
I also love rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightning.
I adore boats and the ocean and I really wish I lived closer to the coast...
I know French, some German, and English.
I'm German, but I don't have the boobs that usually come with being German >_>
I do have Facebook and Skype but I only give them to people I get really close to on here.
If you have any other questions, just shoot me a comment or a PM.
◕‿◕ ~Rox

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Also join my guild... it's Harry Potter!
Did you ever lose that one part in your heart that you wish you never lost?

The Dark Prophecy:

First revealed by the Lady of the Lake, Year of Avalon 694

A year shall come when stars go dark,
And faith will fail anon---
For born shall be a child who spells
The end of Avalon.

The only hope beneath the stars
To save that world so fair
Will be the Merlin then alive:
The wizard's own true heir.

What shall become of Avalon,
Our dream, our deepest need?
What glory or despair shall sprout
From Merlin's magic seed?

---- T.A. Barron (The Great Tree of Avalon, Child of the Dark Prophecy)

Thanks Susan! I love it!!

The Silent Room:
By: Walter Sorrells

She picked up a red mouthpiece that was attached to one arm of the chair by a piece of dirty string.
"Open wide," she said.
I didn't move
"Hey I could have Mr. Pardee come in here and knock your teeth out with a hammer," she said.
I opened my mouth.
She put the mouthpiece in. It was gritty and tasted disgusting. Next thing I knew, she had the hood on my head. She grabbed the zipper with her red-nailed fingers.
"Sweet Dreams," She said.
Zipppp. And the world was gone. No sound, no light no sensation, no nothing. From: The Silent Room


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Signing Off

A bird with no feathers cannot sail to the skies, like a girl with no memories, she cannot return to the place she once called home.
Ça m'est égal

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Thanks Custard Bun!!

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Chibi_Madoka5 Report | 06/18/2014 7:59 pm
Same as well.
Chibi_Madoka5 Report | 06/18/2014 7:53 pm
It was the suggestion of friends list that gaia showed me.
Chibi_Madoka5 Report | 06/18/2014 5:42 pm
You're welcome. You can call me Tina.
krystalklear28 Report | 03/01/2014 2:00 am
Well you are very welcome. : )
krystalklear28 Report | 02/23/2014 4:42 pm
It looks beautiful ma'am. : ) I'm glad it did. o//w//o ... Oh and sorry if that comment was any bit confusing... I only just now looked back at it and... I don't even understand. sweatdrop
krystalklear28 Report | 02/15/2014 9:50 am
:0 Your aviisI very exciting so much is going on and it he colors all fit together so well. : >
Nitrostatus Report | 11/26/2013 9:42 pm
you can handle it you have natural musical talent obviously so it will come easy to you mrgreen
Nitrostatus Report | 11/26/2013 8:31 pm
its easy don't worry biggrin learning the violin is a lot harder then dancing :p
Nitrostatus Report | 11/25/2013 6:24 pm
that would be awesome! don't stress about it i'm sure you will do fine biggrin
Nitrostatus Report | 11/25/2013 5:55 pm
I do workshops for various groups and some hired work here and there :p. i wish i could play violin sad
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