By all means, please bother me. I'm a hobbit and a loner and people make me very happy when they bother me. I only bite if you're into that kind of stuff. ^-^

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I'm a demonic shell of a lover I used to be. I'm not broken, just bent. Sometimes my footing is there, sometimes it's not. Amusement comes in many forms. Several of those forms include role playing, writing, driving, violin, photography, music etc. I guess I'm a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I believe your soul is the essence of your being. This in turn represents you and will be the most important determining factor in which I will base my befriending. I enjoy effervescent, volatile people with vibrant personalities and a brain.
Sinister presences call me Roxxi.
Lithium ~

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Thanks Susan! I love it!!

The Silent Room:
By: Walter Sorrells

She picked up a red mouthpiece that was attached to one arm of the chair by a piece of dirty string.
"Open wide," she said.
I didn't move
"Hey I could have Mr. Pardee come in here and knock your teeth out with a hammer," she said.
I opened my mouth.
She put the mouthpiece in. It was gritty and tasted disgusting. Next thing I knew, she had the hood on my head. She grabbed the zipper with her red-nailed fingers.
"Sweet Dreams," She said.
Zipppp. And the world was gone. No sound, no light no sensation, no nothing. From: The Silent Room


A bird with no feathers cannot sail to the skies, like a girl with no memories, she cannot return to the place she once called home.

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