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    {Hidden Scroll}
    Name: Sel
    Status: No ones business
    Pets: 1 cat 1 rat 1 Dog
    Video Games: too many to say
    I am in love with an idiot.
    Dope System is a close friend from LA.
    Skitty my best friend forever who I met here and ended up living only a few miles away from her in real life.
    Bobby... what can I say we known each other since middle school. I adore him and everything about him. We love pokemon and playing games together. Falling asleep on the phone together. Then theres going out every week to the movies. He really makes me feel special.

    I am busy with 1 jobs and studies in anthropology, entomology, Osteology, and mathematics. So I am pretty busy and get very little sleep.
    I work out every day one hour in morning and 1 at night before I sleep.
    I do have my own room full of books and live with a friend.
    I come on on and off to check messages.
    If you need me just message me or one of the other two ways to get a hold of me. See ya!

    “Right now everything looks so strange to me, as if I don’t belong here. It’s me that’s out of place. And the worst thing is that I feel there’s somewhere I do belong, but I just can’t find it”
    — L. J. Smith, The Awakening
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    Skype: selinamartinez21
    Psn: KittyEnTaSpinus
    Tumblr: ask if you want it
    Kik: KittyEnTaSpinus
    Snapchat: KittyEnTaSpinus
    If you ever really need me I check all those about once a day. Always on Skype just away reading or drawing so slow responds.

    My Favorite People

Dope System
Dr Nefarious Feline