Some things never change. No matter how hard one tries. I just wanted to play the games and have fun. To escape from offline strife for a few hours a day. But there's so much red tape there in the WGs. I'm apparently not good enough at playing along. Every time I try, people just get quiet. I'm sorry I'm not up to your standards, and for being potentially creepy, boring, or selfish for struggling to improve or trying to find comfort in playing games that may seem mundane to you. It's like I'm a grim reaper there. A thread slayer. lol Well, there's no point in sugar coating it anymore. To those of you who decided to lynch me in silence with your passive aggression over on the WGs. I hope you're happy. You've taken one more piece of escape from this awful world we live in from another person. Someone who's already down on his luck out in the real world and struggling to get by. I'd say it was a fun ride, and parts of it were. But I can see now that I'm no longer welcome in the WGs. To any stray visitor or outsider bystander, all I can say to you is sorry for the bad text here. It's just something I wanted to get off my chest. I wouldn't be surprised if this was reported. I won't fight it though. I am not brave or stupid enough to start fighting with an army alone. No one there seems to care. They'd much rather just avoid the problem instead of dealing with a loser like me. I tried my best. Tried to revive threads that I thought deserved another chance at life. Did what I could to follow the rules. I always tried to hold some semblance of hope. But in the end it just wasn't meant to be. I know when I'm not wanted. So I'll just steer clear. I'll still be around using other aspects of the site provided I don't get removed by the law. To those who are still reading, I'm sorry for blabbing all this garbage out. You don't need to see this. If I get in trouble for this, then I'll accept the charges. But just know that you're damning an already damned soul. For what it's worth I hope you enjoy the tunes. Have a nice day.

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