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Bloody Maleficarum Report | 07/23/2015 9:18 am
Lol bother away my friend.
Bloody Maleficarum Report | 07/23/2015 8:32 am
Ah maybe I'll update and take a peek at the league stuff soon. I feel like even though i dont play it much lately i hould still update from time to time just in case lol.
I should be online pretty much all day. for me around 11am to maybe 2am. i could stay up a bit later but only if i find something to keep me occupied lol.
Bloody Maleficarum Report | 07/22/2015 7:27 pm
oh i see. its always awkward when its an arram game type rather than Rift or TT
lol guess im not missing much in my league hiatus. gives me more time for writing and rp junk.
hows rp life for you btw. i was missing the black city pretty bad a lil while ago lol
Motha Futha Gentleman Report | 07/22/2015 6:30 pm
          Ah man that really sucks.
          The computer I am using literally can not play League, nevermind the internet connection I have to deal with.
          Maybe it will still be on when I get back.
Bloody Maleficarum Report | 07/22/2015 2:29 pm
Oh neato. Summer has been a real roller coaster. lots of good and bad. Been putting a lot of work into my rping but i feel i can handle more than what ive got going currently. Anything new and exciting goin on with you?
Vatra Dete Report | 07/21/2015 5:00 pm
Distraction! Distraction! Distraction!!
;D Lolol.
Bloody Maleficarum Report | 07/21/2015 4:45 pm
*lurking intensifies* biggrin hey thur buddeh. whatcha got goin on these days?
Vatra Dete Report | 07/20/2015 9:33 pm
Haha. How funny. Lolol. xDD
I know! xDDD I've definitely been noticing our wall-o-texts as well. xDDD Hahaha.
I find it humorous, to be honest. xDD Lololol. How funny. Lol.
"Gaia-baever"? Hahaha. Yay? Lol. x]

Aw. Well that's too bad. Lol.
Hopefully it'll get worked out sooner or later though. xP
Pain in the butt. Jeeze. Sorry about that. x/

Hahaha. I figured as much. x] Lolol.

Lolol. That's fine and dandy by me. I'm super busy with arts stuff anyways, so I wouldn't mind responding to the rest till tomorra. x] Lol.
Vatra Dete Report | 07/20/2015 4:33 pm
Totally random, but I definitely just stalked Nick's profile, just for the heck of it.
And, hahahaha! I don't know why, but I found it pretty humorous! I liked it. xDDD Lolol.

Anyways, felt that was necessary to comment on. x] Lololol.
Vatra Dete Report | 07/20/2015 3:08 pm
Lolol. Yeeeppp. Sorry about that. I was passing out. >.>
Still a bit tired to tell ya the truth...but I've gotta get working. I've got a lot to accomplish and very little time to accomplish it. xP
But uh, lolol. I've definitely slept in MUCH LATER than 11AM before. Hahaha. It'll be nice to balance your schedule out though. =]

And yes I do! =D Lol. It's really pretty! Lol. You can always look back through the old Rp to find it. Lol.
And while I do LOVE your Leon pic, if you did want to change it to something else....I guess I couldn't/wouldn't hold it against you. >.> Lol.
(Though note my Nathaniel everything is planned to remain the same - picture and post layout that is at least. Sieda, I'm still deciding on. Lol.)

And lol. Okie dokie smokey! I'll head there after this and respond to that stuff there. =]
(Sounds humorous though. Haha! xD Lol.)

Lol. 4:30AM? What were you guys doin up so late? xDD Lolol. Though, who am I to talk, the other night I stayed up until about 5:40AM or later even, working on art stuffs....which explains the sleepiness. >.> Lol.
And yes, curry is generally delicious. =] Though I really have no patience for cooking and don't know how to cook most things.... xP
So as far as a recipe goes or anything like that....I really couldn't help ya. Sorry. <.>

Lololol. It's ok. I just figured I'd ask, cause sometimes outside opinions are the best ones to get. Lol.
Even if you're not good with those sorts of things yourself, your ideas could still be helpful. Lol. x]
But hmmm. Those are some neat ideas. I'll have to take them under consideration. Thanks. Lol.
Lolol. Well, good luck! Hopefully you can do something with it. =] It'd be a shame to waste the creativity juices when their flowin, ya know? ;] Lol.

Haha. Yeah, just one semester's worth, but yep yep. It was a blast!! =DDD Lol. That sounds really neat though! =] Lol. Especially the belly dancing. ;D Hahaha. x] Lol.
I LOVE dancing, but never really got into it as a kid, which is too bad. I feel like I have pretty good rhythm and am definitely a hard and fast learner. But alas, it is what it is. Lol.
I mostly did Musical Theater in school, which required some aspects of dance. And then got into Zumba as I got older. So yep.
It's too bad you didn't stick with it though. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. =]

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