If you're here about something I'm selling on the marketplace, I do accept offers of gold and/or items, though it will vary on the item we're haggling over.

The name's Morgan, I'm you're stereotypical Brit in most ways. I'm asexual, I love games, films, music and tv, get me talking about my fandoms and we'll get along swimmingly. Currently fanboying madly over Lord of the rings and the Hobbit, and most things marvel related. There's more than that but seriously, we both know you wouldn't stick around and read a hulking great list.
Music wise I listen to pretty much anything, but my main loves lie with Rock, metal, and industrial/EBM.

If anyone is on Flight Rising, drop me a line, we must be friends

Captain_Random_Kitteh is a gorgeous friend who has helped me achieve many of my quests and gets a lot of love from me for all of it. smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif


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sassy is my specialty lol xD
my initials are literally the first three letters of sass
I have been proclaimed the sass master by a random stranger before

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Rhea Byrne

Report | 07/17/2015 1:40 pm

Rhea Byrne

Oh, I most definitely will, thank you! biggrin
Rhea Byrne

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Rhea Byrne

Oh wow, thank you so much!
Algae Fuel

Report | 05/11/2015 5:15 am

Algae Fuel

Haha, Bloodborne is one of those games that's a little too desaturated for my taste, but it's got great atmosphere, good monster design, and it's really fun, if a little unrelenting. Just be careful if you do pick it up, people get really hooked on it.
You have no idea how much I love the concept of my avi having a derpy noise. When my finals are over, I'm going to try to commission someone to design the noise now. xD
Algae Fuel

Report | 05/10/2015 8:50 pm

Algae Fuel

I love your avi! It reminds me of Bloodborne.

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Aww, shucks. whee
One of my good friends on here loves them. She tipped me off to them a couple of years ago.
They combine things I love: opera, metal, and swing.
And this song got stuck in my head because at least two other people (said friend included) posted it in the past couple of months--it's actually probably my favorite of theirs, though their other stuff is great as well. =w=

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thx for buying! heart

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Maybe. I'm actually not sure. ^^;;
It is hilarious, though. lol
Aww yisssss~ emotion_brofist
(His... everything, gosh. heart
That was an experience, yes. So many times I wanted to pull the characters out of my 3DS screens and hug them.
I could do that again some time, maybe when I'm a little less occupied though.)
I loved that show! I haven't seen it in ages, though... and wow. I wonder how you turned such a happy song into that. You really are amusing.

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I don't know if it's Phoenix Wrong, as it's not labelled as such, but it's lumped together with them, at least.
(I know right? I hate when sites do that.)
That's pretty awesome~ emotion_awesome
(Oh gods I adore Simon too. heart
And I feel that had I not been hanging with friends when I finished the last case I would've been crying many ugly tears.
My friends and I had a few venting sessions just because of that damn game. We needed the catharsis so bad. heart )
Yes, I most definitely do agree. :3


Me and my lovely partner Tsuki Amu like to match our avis where possible. We make a wonderful duo~

Thank you gift givers! I love all of yooooouuu!

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