I'm a caring generous person who looks out for her friends. Love watching Japanese animation and just having a good time. I also play magic the gathering and other card games just for fun. I love nature and being outdoors I find it really soothing. Been in a loving and ongoing relationship with chris soto for a long time so i'm very happy. Oh here's the character for my gaia avvie.

Name: blackrosekitten21
Nicknames (if applicable): Rose
Age: Unknown
Species: Undead
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Men
Height: 5'6
Distinguishing features: pale skin but can change her looks as she pleases a few things don't change though.
Build of body: Curvy

Hometown: Durem
Current residence: Durem
Occupation: Vice Captain of J-corp
Native language: English
Other languages spoken: None
Style of speaking: polite and ladylike
Volume of voice: Not too soft not too loud

Likes:Pumpkins,candy and sweets,Jack the pumpkin king,Creepy and dark things,graveyards,Tea
Dislikes: Undead testing devices and undead testing in general
Fears: None
Hobbies/past times: Exploring the many levels of J-corp,Spending time in the graveyard, Reading and drinking tea,Spending time with her bf
Pet peeves: A badly carved Jack o lantern
Pets: None
Talents: Good with people,good at solving problems
Personal goals: To Make J-corp the best it can be and to make sure everything In J-corp runs smoothly

General attitude:
Religious values: None
General intelligence: Smart
General sociability: Sociable
Energy level: Not extremely energetic unless she has a sugar high
Eating habits: Will eat anything her favorites though are candy and sweets but she knows she has to eat real meals too.
Bad habits:

Family: J-corp and chris soto
Enemies (and why): None (hasn't met anybody she doesn't like)
Friends:Zygona,Kid Jak,Enharmonic Interval,Zero the Hunter,Ecire
Best friend(s): Chris soto and Kaiserin Kai
Love interest (if there is one): Chris soto
General relationship and attitude towards EB: Doesn't hate EB but feels he lets his inner demons get the best of him. Feels that if he can overcome his inner demons he will be a better person for it and hopefully learn his lesson and try and make right the things he's done wrong.

Weapon(s) of choice: Magic and sword if its needed
Fighting style: No specific sword fighting style
Strengths: Her magic and her dancing
Weaknesses: reading other ppl

General Biography: Lives in the same apartment building in durem as her bf, has temporary residence in J-corp when she's busy with work. She doesn't remember who her family from before she joined j-corp is so J-corp and her bf are her family.. She has an advernterous streak and explores alot. Horror and creepy things don't scare her in ffact she is drawn to them

General Personality: Kind caring gentle and ladylike especially with her friends and family. She takes care of herself and others usually putting them first before herself. She can be way to generous with her time and sometimes spreads herself too thin.

Visual References:

Past and current donators!

Thank you so much

Darth Acheron
Enharmonic Interval

Thank You so Very much to the Anon Donator of Absolute Nyx!


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Arlette Mori

Report | 07/10/2014 9:07 pm

Arlette Mori

THANK YOU! I'm *so* happy right now <3
Arlette Mori

Report | 07/07/2014 1:46 pm

Arlette Mori

I'm not creative at all. I'm wearing my traditional winged princess avatar with the new ones. I happen to not like the corrupt eyes, but that's personal preference.
Lady Velveteen

Report | 06/30/2014 5:25 pm

Lady Velveteen

Good luck! I was just putzin' around with some items for this avi.
Arlette Mori

Report | 06/30/2014 4:36 pm

Arlette Mori

Oh god they're both equally beautiful. I think the Raisin one is more "you" though. ^_^
Arlette Mori

Report | 06/30/2014 2:14 pm

Arlette Mori

Thanks! I'm sorry I haven't gotten to your PM yet! I'll be responding in a bit~ Been busy. T__T

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Can I buy both of your Mild Lestelle's for 11 Bil?
Lyrian Rosaveil

Report | 06/25/2014 2:14 pm

Lyrian Rosaveil

Yea but idk if im gonna be online on my bday >.< my bf is taking me out to lunch for my bday and thats about all thats happening :T
Psycho Panny

Report | 06/25/2014 8:37 am

Psycho Panny

Are you willing to trade 740 mil for your Rosamund Redemption?
Thank you.

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>.< sorry just that i dont get on here much sep to look at a bunch of cash shop updates and thats it xDD so its fine

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;o that is the reason along with i do not enjoy this site that much no more


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