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Cluster of myself and friends. I\'m on the left c: Yes, we all have pink hair. It was for the annual pink-out game at our school.

My name is Melodie and I absolutely adore the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series.
You can call me Melodie, Mel, Blackie, Blackerz, Laas Feykro (haha inside joke) or any other nickname you'd like. I love nicknames.

I believe that honesty is the best quality. I'm generally a caring person and I don't hate people easily.

•I love classical music.
•I love the sound of basses(vocally)... mmph.
•I heavily believe in the supernatural.
•I am a bit of a romantic..
•I believe love has no gender, yet my preference is male... I prefer guys, but I've also liked girls.
•I'm beginning to wonder about my "single" status.
•I don't judge anyone, really.
•Music matters to me.
•I play over 7 instruments. My main ones are bass clarinet, bass drum, and percussion. I also sing.
•I'm in the school marching band / concert band and two choirs (advanced women's and concert choir). It's pretty amazing. I play bass clarinet and percussion. I marched bass drum this year. Last year I did Pit. In choir, I'm an alto.
•My birthday is September 9th, otherwise known as 09/09.
•When I have kids, I'm going to name my first girl Amara. I want a boy as well, but the name choices are a bit more difficult. I have a few secondary female names as well.
•I'm a cat person.
•I collect stuffed animals.
•My favorite colors are Black, Purple, and Red-Violet.
•I love animals and my family. My best friends count as family.
•My favorite animal is the wolf, favorite pet is a cat, and I own 2 dogs and a tortoise (at my mother's house) and 4 cats (at my sister's house).
•I have a diverse taste in music. I'll listen to almost anything.

•I roleplay. I prefer small groups - 1x1s. I'm generally semi-lit, (though I can be literate), because I do a lot of other things.

•Random Comments/PMs are cool, especially if you're asking me to join an RP, as long as you tell me where you saw me -.- Trust me, I'm really nice.

Ask me anything you want, comment me, etc. I don't accept random friend requests... Please make sure you message me in some way first. If I've roleplayed with you, you can add me.