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Birthday: 10/18/1995

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H-Hi there ヽ(;▽;)ノ I'm BlackberryPerfume! But you can call me berry or w/e you want really... ((it doesnt matter to me much).

I'm 17 years old, and anime is my lifee~ Especially SNK. HNNGfdjskfd Armin is my forever prince lover. >//u//< ehheh

Erm.. There's not much really to say about me really... I am from Canada, And I can speak very little japanese. (it's pretty bad right now). But I'm self taught at it. u-umm.. I'm really shy at times, and then sometimes I get bursts of energy and become a social butterfly. hehe (*/ω\*) but I'm actually just shy... //hides Oh, and I have the most best boyfriend I could ever ask for too <33 ;v; He makes me so happy. Evuan-kun, dai suki!!~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♡♡♡

I have a tumblr, twitter and Deviantart accnts so go check them out if you can!~


Twitter ~

Deviantart ~ (This account is my new one, cause I used to have an old one. Gomen for the lack of art)).

Tumblr ~

Please enjoy my gaia profile!` (‘∀’●)♡
If you want to know me better, pm anytime. I might reply late but I'm always happy to meet new people~~ regardless of my shyness. ( v////v)

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Total Value: 1,377,020 Gold
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Shadowed Dancing Princesses
White Tone Limbs Stockings
Tomorgenne Maid
Noble Plumage
Silver Puppy Cosplay
Flossy Fox
Biancamella 5th Gen
Little Lucie

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Astra-VIII: Autumn Waltz
King Tootie-Kamen the Chihuahua
Quillton the Hedgehog
Runcible Spoon
Limit Breaker
Princess Kaguya