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classified_smilies/icon_jet.gifI am the Tape Goddess!classified_smilies/icon_jet.gif
-real name: Jessica
-in a relationship
-has two cats named Zelda & Ryo
-has two ferrets named Vash & Wolfwood
-loves stars☆
-loves the color pink

❤- video games, MMOs, nintendo, let's plays, Norman Reedus, fashion, hair, bright colors, reading internet drama, cats & other animals, drawing, art, photography, music, Marshall Lee, anime, manga, books, stickers, post-it notes, dry erase boards, tumblr & other various things
✘- art theft, ignorance, those who are blatantly rude and give no insight to the topic at hand

«video games/MMO's I like»
Legend of Zelda, Hyrule Warriors, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Super Smash Brothers, Style Savvy, Tales of Symphonia, Mario Kart, Pac-Man, KH2, Samurai Warriors, Perfect World International, World of Warcraft, Five Nights at Freddy's

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summer 1999 - spring 2011

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GaiaOnline is like crack.
You can hate it and want to leave, but you can't. You just HAVE TO HAVE IT ALWAYS.

Cosplay arena sucks.