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Hi everyone, my name is Black Wolf. I am currently a Civil Engineering student at a community college in New York City. I plan on going to MIT to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering after I get my Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering. I'm also very interested in business and investing, I plan on starting my business related to space exploration and habitation...some would see that goal as crazy and impossible, but I welcome the challenge and somebody has to do it.
About my name: I have many names, one being Zell Ravenheart. My nickname is Bob Marley because I look like Bob Marley (yes, I am Jamaican, I'm also Irish and I have some German and Cuban blood. These only apply to my mother's side of the family.) . I chose the name Black Wolf because I really only wear black and grey clothes and my favorite animal is the wolf. I love all animals, I have a lot of cats...don't know how many...I stopped counting after 15, they're outside cats but I love taking care of them.
More about me: I love the city life, I love New York city, the car fumes keep me sane biggrin . I used to dream about becoming a musician (I play the electric guitar, mostly hard rock and metal), I gave that up for many reasons, partly because I'm not really that good at playing the guitar (been playing since August 14, 2008. Yes, I remember the exact date I got my first guitar biggrin ), mostly because I'm better at science and I enjoy it more; writing music is just a hobby at this point.
Language: I prefer to speak English English rather than the American English, depends on the setting and the people I'm around. I can switch between an Irish accent, an American accent and an English accent, all of these are common on my mother's side of the family. I speak some French, I'm learning to speak Japanese and German at the moment.
I love reading and I love watching sci-fi movies when they actually get the science right or when they explain some of the things in there so well that might as well be real...I'm not a fan of Star Wars, can't stand the film. I also love anime.

I try to help people whenever I can. I'm not a chatty person offline, I prefer to just listen, I'll give my input when I have something important to say. Words are hard, I prefer action over words, action always speaks louder.

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her name is Alexi.
More in my journal updates.


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Cosplay,Otakon and other things

About the props I will make, what costumes I will buy and wear at Otakon. I may post pictures of them here. In addition to this journal, I will also post random things.


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AzN Dynomite Report | 08/23/2016 9:01 pm
Nice axe, man! I have a couple Vs, myself, and I love em'. Keep shreddin'!
chrizzybear Report | 12/11/2012 11:40 pm
Just working on senior year you know, i'm doing community college as well next year for business(what my mom wants me to do) and photography(what i want to do), things are fine, just trying to stay on track and not let senioritis kill my gpa as im finishing off high school. That sucks that you have been so sick! i'm sorry! but that's really cool that you get to be the tester and hopefully that will help a bunch of people and you get more video games so it's a win win situation! hahaha my life is so boring right now, nothing reaaaally interesting to report, i wish i had some cool story or something, oh im going to disneyland in march! thats about it.... i graduate june 13th though! so excited, going to take american sign language at community college and im freaking out with excitement haha <3 (:
chrizzybear Report | 10/10/2012 4:16 pm
Hey pup! just got back on after like a year. how's life??
chrizzybear Report | 11/29/2010 5:19 pm
School is okay, stressing about my advance video, even though i'm only a sophomore the teacher in that class is already streesing us about college stuff i would love to go to NYU (but we can't really afford it) so i need scholarships and the most likely way is through my video class. Life is just kind of stressful but you know i'll deal a I always do smile i'm happy you got some time off before your going to shool just get a bit of chill time befor going back to the stress of life... Be hopeful about the snow. we are going to get sooo much this year. usually it doesnt stick here but we had 4 days of snow before thanksgiving wich is insane here
chrizzybear Report | 11/28/2010 4:51 pm
Nothing much, enjoyed my extra long break because seattle decided that it was going to snow for once smile
How is college going for you? partying much?? wink
chrizzybear Report | 11/18/2010 4:09 pm
Puppy! smile what is up my love?
chrizzybear Report | 01/24/2010 3:59 pm
wow. alot has been going on.
me? i am enjoying freshmen year and the freedom that comes with it. i have midterms this week sad super depressing ummm i met a really cool guy that i really like wink plays the drums super cools guy smile . i am ready for summer to come! it has been raining nonstop here (******** seattle weather) Yah enjoying life altogether! xD
chrizzybear Report | 01/02/2010 12:31 am
Hey Babe! how is it going? havnt talked to youinforevers! School???? that girl??? your friends?? i need updates !!!
Cadbury Creme Egg Report | 11/29/2009 11:48 am

I really wanted to play .hack//G.U, but it was never released in the UK sad
So I have only watched the anime's, therefore I am a little behidn on the .hack// plot.
Guess I need to read the Manga.
Cadbury Creme Egg Report | 11/29/2009 7:15 am
Well I have been a .hack// fan for a long time and a few months back I encountered a game called Second Life, on Second Life someone had recreated Mac Anu and tons of fields in high quality 3D, whick looked kick a**.
But it closed down and I decided to look around the net for another .hack// game/community to join.


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Her name is Alexi biggrin
Let's plays coming soon to a Youtube near you!