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Chocobaibi33 Report | 03/28/2017 10:51 am
CareHero Report | 02/26/2017 8:38 pm
Guess who logged on? That's right..ME!!!!!!!!

How you been? I decided to come here and say HELLO!!

I hope you are still here biggrin DD
Tight Boxers Report | 02/01/2017 8:43 pm
y u callin me bald son botta rek ur life
Chocobaibi33 Report | 08/27/2016 4:47 pm
eek then again i got some both on my ankles now they turned into this black ugly mess sad gonk
Chocobaibi33 Report | 08/24/2016 9:00 am
dankkes<3 x3 how has you been? smile
Chocobaibi33 Report | 08/22/2016 10:25 am
*hugs* heyyoo :3
durpz1 Report | 07/22/2016 10:15 am
thanks for buying
Xx0Happy0xX Report | 06/10/2016 2:30 pm
Hiya, how are you? c:
Secondhand Tuna Report | 06/05/2016 9:55 pm
I poop out happiness and sunshine
Secondhand Tuna Report | 06/05/2016 6:18 pm

Everything That You Would Need To Know About Me

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OMG it's a DIARY

Dear Freakin', yet stupid diary...

Creepy Stalkers

About This Victim

Hi there! If you really would like to get to know me, ask for my name. I love expressing myself. I like to write, draw, sing, play my viola... but I don't dance. talk2hand

I'm a pretty timid person in real life. If you catch me being quiet, it's because I'm either in thought thinking, distracted, or listening because I do not know what else to add to a conversation!

I like listening to some rock, some pop, some classical, and more. I refrain from hearing mainstream music, rap, and country songs. I like animals, especially cute animals, but honestly, I think all animals are cool in their own ways. smile I am easily intrigued by their way of life! I love kawaii plushies, pocky, my Marimo, and my plants (Flowey; cuban succulent & my orchid).

I strongly dislike prejudice people, racism, annoying idiots, loud and inconsiderate people, repetitiveness, illegal drugs, and more.

Additional and unnecessary information, I'm from southern California, attending a university in north CA. I'm 5'2", and I don't know how to swim!

Interesting fact?
If I could be anything in the world, I would be nothing. heart

I love hugs. 3nodding
I have twitter, feel free to follow me:
My dead DevArt: ScissorNapper xp

Previous to be:
- Sandyfee
- DarkNMeh
- HHHeartBreak

- Black Ski

Here is a more recent picture of myself (2014). 4laugh
(Truth be told, I practically still look the same now.)

User Image

Quote: "I don't wanna be told to grow up."

This is a couple years old.
Scroll down for more recent picture.

A Gif I made.