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Black Death Goddess

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Last Login: 12/18/2014 9:10 am

Registered: 04/28/2010

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/29

Grab Some Gold, But Hands Off MY Butt!

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This is for the things I am Questing.

A's Sketchbook x 3
Abalam's Wings x 1
Absolute Damsel x 2
Absolute Maiden x 2
Absolute Majesty x 2
Absolute Nyx x 2
Absolute Poise x 2
Absolute Zero x 2
Adam's Fall From Grace x 1
Airy Edebel x 1
Alal's Wings x 1
Alastor's Wings x 1
Alluring Crimson Shoes x 1
Always Cheerful Bravery x 2
Ambiel's Wings x 1
Angelbow x 1
Apollyon's Wings x 1
April Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
April Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Archangel's Wings x 1
Astra: Black Ascending Wings x 1
Astra: Celestial Portal Ascending Wings x 1
Astra: Cream Ascending Wings x 1
Astra: Pink Ascending Wings x 1
Astra: Red Ascending Wings x 1
Astra: White Ascending Wings x 1
August Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
August Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Aurum Pennarum x 1
Autumn Wings x 1
Azrael's Wings x 1
Bael's Wings x 1
Baroness Mustachio x 1
Bartholomew's Wings 1
Beelzebub's Wings x 1
Belial's WIngs x 1
Beneath the Juniper Tree x 1
Between the Devil and the Red Sea x 5
Bewitching Beauty x 3
Bladud's Fall x 1
Bloody Counterfeit Widow x 3
Blueberry Godina x 3
Blue Bird's Broken Wings x 1
Botis' Wings x 1
Boundless Amadea x 2
Braided Carnation x 1
Braided Down Hair x 1
Braided Fawn x 1
Braided Long Hair x 1
Braided Loose Hair x 1
Braided Noir x 1
Brave Edebel x 1
Briar Rose Ciruela x 1
Briar Rose Dream x 1
Briar Rose Fable x 2
Briar Rose Grenat x 1
Briar Rose Petal x 1
Briar Rose Royale x 3
Briar Rose Slumber x 3
Bunilla x 1
Burgundy Heavenly Wings x 1
Cain's Wings x 1
Calumny Chauntelle x 1
Candy Angel's Fall x 1
Caramel Godina x 3
Cassiel's Wings x 1
Casual Autumn x 2
Casual Winter x 2
Celestial Agent x 1
Celestial Courier x 1
Celestial Delegate x 1
Celestial Envoy x 1
Celestial Gatekeeper x 5
Celestial Herald x 1
Celsetial Messenger x 1
Cernunnos' Blessing x 2
Cerynitian's Blessing x 2
Cherry Godina x 3
Chione's Blessing x 2
Chocolate Godina x 3
Chuchip's Blessing x 2
Cinnyricinclus' Wings x 1
Comfy Love x 2
Cool Fabled Fox's Locks x 1
Cool Vivid Lisa Hair x 1
Coquette Chiroptera x 4
Counterfeit Betrothed x 4
Counterfeit Bride x 7
Counterfeit Concubine x 7
Counterfeit Dynast x 7
Counterfeit Inamorata x 6
Counterfeit Ingenue x 4
Counterfeit Lassie x 7
Counterfeit Love x 7
Counterfeit Maven x 5
Counterfeit Missus x 7
Counterfeit Mistress x 4
Counterfeit Newlywed x 7
Counterfeit Paramour x 7
Counterfeit Spirit x 6
Counterfeit Widow x 7
Country Summer Fundraiser x 2
Couture Groom x 1
Cream Heavenly Wings x 1
Credo's Fall x 1
Crusader's Fall x 1
Cuivre Drops x 4
Cygnus' Fall x 1
D's Sketchbook x 3
Daeva's Wings x 1
Daniel's Wings x 1
Dantalion's Wings x 1
Darda'il's Wings x 1
Dark Bifrost Wings x 1
Dark Fabled Fox's Locks x 1
Dark Geisha x 4
Dark Vivid Lisa Hair x 1
Débutant's Wings x 1
December Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
December Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Decimia's Wings x 1
Dedicated Spica x 6
Demiurge's Wings x 1
Demon's Authority x 3
Demon's Dominance x 3
Demon's Eminence x 3
Demon's Prestige x 3
Demon's Prominence x 3
Demon's Renown x 3
Demon's Superiority x 3
Desdemona's Fury x 3
Desdemona's Indifference x 3
Desdemona's Malevolence x 3
Devil's Wings x 1
Devout Fencer x 2
Dip-Dyed Dotty x 1
Diri's Wings x 1
Disgrace of Hubris x 3
Divine Being x 3
Divine Deity x 1
Divine Pennarum x 1
Divinity Court Aya x 1
Divinity Court Lucia x 1
Divinity Court Therese x 1
Drekavac's Wings x 1
Dusk Spirit x 2
Dutiful Cleric x 2
Ebony Fallen Wings x 1
Edebel x 1
Eerie Omen x 9
Elite Duelliste x 1
Eliza the Huntress x 3
Ellie's Forever Tresses x 1
Empress Sancy's Celestial Corwn x 5
Empress Sancy's Golden Crown x 5
Empress Sancy’s Ivory Crown x 5
Empress Sancy's Rose Crown x 5
Endless Amadea x 1
Endless Eclipse x 4
Enduring Eclipse x 4
Eremiel's Wings x 1
Escaping Love x 4
Eternal Amadea x 2
Eternal Chesed x 2
Eternal Eclipse x 4
Eternal Edebel x 1
Ethereal Eyes x 1
Eve's Fall From Grace x 1
Eve's Wings x 1
Everlasting Amadea x 2
Everlasting Eclipse x 4
Exquisite Crimson Shoes x 1
F's Sketchbook x 3
Fading Love x 3
Fair Apple x 2
Fallen Gatekeeper x 4
Faithful Spica x 5
February Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
February Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Fiendish Mistress Doragun x 1
Flatline Love x 4
Flightful Dream x 2
Flightful Fantasy x 1
Flightful Hallucination x 1
Flightful Vision x 3
Forlorn Susie x 3
Foul Apple x 2
Foul Omen x 9
Franciscanus' Wings x 1
Galaxy Drop x 5
Gloaming Geisha x 4
Gloomy Amadea x 1
Golden Crimson Shoes x 1
Golden Heavenly Wings x 1
Goldie the Flapper x 3
Gorgon's Wings x 1
Gothic Susie x 2
Graceful Crimson Shoes x 1
Great Duelliste x 1
Guilty Love x 4
Haagenti's Wings x 1
Haborym's Wings x 1
Hades's Mistress x 3
Hashmal's Wings x 1
Heaven's Gate High Priestess x 3
Heaven's Gate Priestess x 3
Heavenly Gatekeeper x 4
Heavenly Wings x 1
Helel's Wings x 1
Helen's Lace x 4
Hell's Mistress x 2
High Priestess of Darkness x 3
High Priestess of Evening x 3
High Priestess of Sky x 3
High Priestess of Sunrise x 3
High Priestess of the Ray x 3
Highwire Asphodel x 3
Highwire Hyacinth x 3
Highwire Iris x 3
Highwire Peony x 3
Hime's Fall x 1
Icy Frosting x 1
Immortal Eclipse x 4
Immutable Amadea x 1
Impure Intentions x 4
Inari's Wings x 1
Inconsisten Sea x 1
Infinite Amadea x 2
Infinite Eclipse x 4
Instafame x 4
Instapopular x 4
Instaselfie x 4
Israfil's Wings x 1
January Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
January Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Jatayu's Fall x 1
Jophiel's Wings x 1
Josephine the Cheetah x 2
Jovial Belle x 1
Judgmental Nephilim x 3
July Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
July Light Mythrill Wings x 1
June Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
June Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Kama's Persuasion x 3
Kama's Seduction x 3
Kama's Suggestion x 2
Kéntauros' Blessing x 2
Kerubiel's Wings x 1
Kitsune's Sister x 1
L's Sketchbook x 3
La Belle Cygne x 3
La Belle Ortolan x 2
Lady Fortune x 1
Lady Luckless x 2
Lady Prosperity x 2
Lady Triumph x 2
Lamenting Lucie x 4
Lavender Godina x 3
Lavish Lucie x 4
Legend of Brunhild x 3
Legend of Lagertha x 1
Legend of Medb x 2
Legend of Scathach x 3
Leliel's Wings x 1
Lestelle x 1
Leviathan's Wings x 1
Light Bifrost Wings x 1
Light Fabled Fox's Locks x 1
Light Red Heavenly Wings x 1
Light Vivid Lisa Hair x 1
Lilith's Wings x 1
Lively Lucie x 5
Lonely Lucie x 6
Lovely Lucie x 4
Lucifer's Bloody Wings x 1
Lucifer's Wings x 1
Lulling Lucie x 6
Lustrous Lucie x 6
Lustrous Messenger x 3
Luxurious Diana x 4
Luxurious Lucie x 6
Luxurious Mary x 5
M's Sketchbook x 1
Macabre Lolita x 1
Madame's Fantastical Wigs x 1
Madame's Glorious Wigs x 1
Madame's Stupendous Wigs x 1
Madame Godina x 3
Maestro Conductor x 2
March Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
March Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Martinicus' Wings x 1
May Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
May Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Melancholy Belle x 1
Merry Belle x 1
Metamorphic Cotton Fairy x 1
Metamorphic Fairy x 1
Metamorphic Minty Fairy x 1
Metamorphic Monarch Fairy x 1
Metamorphic Wicked Fairy x 1
Metamorphic Windy Fairy x 1
Michael's Bloody Wings x 1
Michael's Wings x 1
Mida's Apple x 1
Midnight Countess x 3
Midnight Scythe x 2
Milady Godina x 3
Mild Lestelle x 1
Minimal Black x 4
Minimal Gold x 4
Minimal Pink x 3
Minimal Red x 4
Mint Godina x 3
Moe Pink Splattered Wings x 1
Monstrous Mistress Doragun x 1
Morganite Vault x 2
Moroni's Wings x 1
Mousseux Drops x 4
Murder de Blanco x 1
Murder de Marina x 1
Murder de Oro x 1
Murder de Polar x 1
Murder de Rojo x 1
Murder la Murder x 1
My Darling x 3
My Dearest x 3
My Sweetheart x 3
Nakir's Wings x 1
Necromancer School x 3
Nereus's Blessing x 2
Night's Shadow x 1
Nonaia's Wings x 1
November Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
November Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Obscure Intentions x 4
Octavia's Wings x 1
October Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
October Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Oeneus's Blessing x 2
Oh Calm Brother x 3
Oh Dear Brother x 3
Oh Horrid Brother x 3
Oh Kind Brother x 3
Oh Sweet Brother x 3
Oisin's Blessing x 2
Ominous Black Bird x 4
Oola Tsukino x 1
Oola Yumi x 1
Orifiel's Wings x 1
Pale Crimson Shoes x 1
Pale Lestelle x 1
Paul's Wings x 1
Penelope's Lace x 4
Penemue's Wings x 1
Peppermint Refrain x 2
Perpetual Amadea x 2
Perpetual Eclipse x 4
Petite Macabre x 2
Petite Petal x 2
Pettish Enchanter x 2
Pink Heavenly Wings x 1
Pirate Rouge x 2
Pixie Regent x 5
Platinum Standby x 2
Platyrhynchos' Wings x 1
Polar Ice Sea x 1
Pride of Hubris x 3
Prima's Wings x 1
Princess of Dreams x 1
Princess of my Heart x 1
Princess of Rage x 1
Princess of the Heavens x 1
Princess of the Orbit x 1
Princess of the Universe x 1
Princess of the Woods x 1
Prism Wings x 1
Pristine Angelic Bride x 2
Progne's Wings x 1
Pure Angelic Bride x 1
Pure Heavenly Wings x 1
Pure Intentions x 4
Purgatorio Pennarum x 1
Puriel's Wings x 1
Qaphsiel's Wings x 1
Quadragesimia's Wings x 1
Quarta's Wings x 1
Queen Beatrice's Velvet x 4
Queen Cassandra's Velvet x 4
Queen Catherine's Velvet x 3
Queen Charlotte's Velvet x 4
Queen Margaret's Velvet x 4
Queen Marie's Velvet x 1
Queen of Blossoms x 2
Queen of Flowers x 3
Queen of the Frozen North x 2
Queen Victoria's Velvet x 4
Quindecimia's Wings x 1
Quinta's Wings x 1
Radiant Messenger x 3
Raguel's Wings x 1
Raisin Godina x 3
Raphael's Bloody Wings x 1
Raphael's Wings x 1
Reckless Son x 1
Retro Summer Fundraiser x 2
Return to Sender x 4
Righteous Nephilim x 3
Rookie's Inquiry x 2
Rookie's Pursuit x 4
Rookie Love x 3
Rosamund's Corruption x 3
Rosamund's Rage x 3
Rosamund's Yearning x 3
Rose Sage x 2
Rose Sea x 1
Roseate Angelic Bride x 1
Ruby Vault x 6
Runcible Moon x 3
Runcible Spoon Renewal x 3
Sachiel's Wings x 1
Sainte Ciel: Aphrodite x 6
Saintly Intentions x 4
Sapphire Vault x 6
SDPlus R #485 Runcible Moon x 1
SDPlus Gaian Luminescent Doll x 1
SDPlus #515 Cosplay Crow x 1
Secretive Ascension x 2
Secunda's Wings x 1
Selaphiel's Wings x 1
September's Dark Mythrill Wings x 1
September's Light Mythrill Wings x 1
Seraphim's Wings x 1
Serene Belle x 1
Sexta's Wings x 1
Sheols' Mistress x 3
Shiva's Wings x 1
Simmering Penitence x 2
Sinless Devilish Hands x 2
Silver Sinless Hands x 1
Simmering Remorse x 1
Sleepless Silvius x 1
Snow Queen of the North x 2
Somber Angelic Bride x 1
Soprano Sfogato x 3
Spiritual Geisha x 4
Standby Circuitous x 2
Standby Roundabout x 2
Standby Tortuous x 2
Stellar Dreams x 1
Stellar Flurry x 1
Stellar Fortune x 1
Stellar Fume x 1
Stellar Mist x 1
Stellar Rain x 1
Stellar Wave x 1
Stellar Wind x 1
Strawberry Godina x 3
Sweet Intentions x 4
Sweet Rose x 4
Sweet Summer Fundraiser x 2
Temeluchus's Wings x 1
Tennin's Wings x 1
Tertia's Wings x 1
The Baron's Rose x 4
The Charming Mr. Dorian x 2
The Forgehound x 1
The Half-Sister x 1
The Nefarious Queen of Solair x 1
The Prince's Rose x 4
Thrones' Wings x 1
Timeless Amadea x 2
Titan's Fall x 1
Trance Beats x 1
Trigesimia's Wings x 1
True Intentions x 4
Twilight Spirit x 2
Tzaphqiel's Android Blood Wings x 1
Uncia's Wings x 1
Undecimia's Wings x 1
Undying Eclipse x 4
Unsettling Omen x 9
V's Sketchbook x 4
Vagran Sea x 1
Vengeful Crimson Shoes x 1
Vengeful Lestelle x 1
Veridical Musketeer x 3
Vexing Cleric x 2
Vicious Mistress Doragun x 2
Vigesimia's Wings x 1
Vile Omen x 9
Vital Love x 4
Vivid Lisa's Ombre Locks x 1
Volatile Geisha x 4
Warm Fabled Fox's Locks x 1
Warm Vivid Lisa Hair x 1
Wary Omen x 9
Wet Shine Dark Locks x 1
Wet Shine Warm Locks x 1
Wicked Intentions x 4
Winchester's Fallen Grace x 1
Windy Lily x 1
Wintergreen Refrain x 3
Wisteria Sea x 1
Wood Sea x 1
Wretched Lolita x 1
Yafehiel's Grace x 1
Yahshua's Wings x 1
Z's Sketchbook x 5
Zachariah's Wings x 1
Zadkiel 's Toxic Wings x 1
Zaphkiel's Wings x 1
Zombie Blood Wings x 1
Zonotrichia's Wings x 1
Zophiel's Dark Bloody Wings x 1


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Couturier Codex Report | 12/15/2014 2:06 pm
Couturier Codex

“I want to satisfy"

No problem! I love Christmas gifting to friends, it's a thing I've come to love as a tradition.

Next year, I plan huge anons ;D

"the undisclosed desires in your heart”
milkbun Report | 12/14/2014 4:41 pm
tilasexcatt Report | 12/10/2014 11:36 am
Omg I had it back now for yrs! U had no idea? But it took me. Like 18 good months. And a sting operation!lol sweatdrop heart
tilasexcatt Report | 12/10/2014 10:14 am
I already got my guy up on charges, I had to get a friend with 7? Of his boys to put up accounts...sigh and they all got this Mf to send them a link to the angelic halo....when they pressed it they got screwed like me, but they kept calling on the phone to gaia over and over for almost a week, and my issue was solved!hacker caught!
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:54 pm
lord of Crows
all a matter of will right?
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:51 pm
lord of Crows
I could always try and fast for 9 days
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:49 pm
lord of Crows
indeed fuel for survival
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:43 pm
lord of Crows
not really i been eating them for nearly 4 years makes me sick half the time to do it any more
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:30 pm
lord of Crows
I would rather starve. I go on the road tomorrow I can snack on the hotel breakfast monday morning and limp like that for the week
lord of Crows Report | 12/06/2014 2:22 pm
lord of Crows
needles scare me shitless so hard to get modivated to do it
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