HUGE INVENTORY BLOWOUT SALE! In honor of Halloween I am treating you to sales galore!

I am only accepting pure right now. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD OF MY MASSIVELY CHEAP SALES! After I have rid myself of my Aquarium items the Astra items are next! Then the Paws items! Then the House items! Then the Special tab items, then the Kindred items and FINALLY...THE EQUIP Items!

When I am able to trade again, PLEASE, make sure all of your PMs are legible, I will not be responding if u typ3 lyk dis.


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Black Death Goddess

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Last Login: 10/26/2016 8:57 am

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Birthday: 08/29

Grab Some Gold, But Hands Off MY Butt!

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tilasexcatt Report | 10/25/2016 11:53 am
That may have already happened / Idk In the jewish religion It's like that .. but,I respect U're Beliefs cat_3nodding cat_3nodding
tilasexcatt Report | 10/25/2016 11:45 am
@status-My condolences ... I know that kind of loss ..unfortunately.. It never goes away ..but,You need to get u another young kitten ASAP -NOT AS A REPLACEMENT -BUT,JUST TO TAKE THE STING out of u're Pain... it's like I know losing god forbid a family member sweatdrop but.A 15 yr. old cat Is an old cat... had a very long life I'm sure..So-u took care of that cat!
ImHot4PinksGifts Report | 10/11/2016 8:38 am
I would like to work out these trades soon. I sent a PM to Greatest Party Story Ever and never heard back...
Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/27/2016 2:35 pm
Kiandrien Deus

I'm glad that's sorted out.

Now if only Gaya would work tat fast XD

Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/26/2016 10:05 am
Kiandrien Deus
Oh wow. Nice idea, I'd have never thought about that
Bonzly Report | 09/25/2016 7:05 pm
Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/25/2016 2:45 pm
Kiandrien Deus

Aww, I thought everyone didn't go to guilds or I'd have been more active there. :<

I'm sure things will be ok, Pink is awesome from what I've seen, and this is really Gaya's fault so I don't think she'd be too mad if at all.

Especially if you explain you made those decisions to help the guild, and the glitch caused all this issue in the first place.
Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/25/2016 1:44 pm
Kiandrien Deus

I can't even see this pixel that's causing this issue. So strange D:

That sucks babe, I wish they'd fix it soon. That's gotta suck a lot for you confused

Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/25/2016 1:37 pm
Kiandrien Deus

That... that sucks! omg, how do you do anything?

Kiandrien Deus Report | 09/25/2016 11:47 am
Kiandrien Deus
Check yo trades~ heart
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